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aqsamustafa Wattpad writer and student eternal
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A little escape from hell fire...into the hotter fire of passion...
Snippet from my story 'You call this fate??'

A teaser...

"All the girls are looking at you," I said, glancing over his shoulder as he twirled me.

"Is that so?" He asked mildly.

"Yes." Then, "I am sorry." "Whatever for, Miss Mahal?"

"I don't know. Maybe because you could have come here with anyone of those angels and you had to come with me. Must have been a major bummer."

Silence. Then, "Miss Mahal, I am curious. How many of your morals am I breaking right now?"

I swallowed.

He was so close; closer than close. Our noses almost touched.

Oh god. Why did he have to be so beautiful? Why? He could have been so ugly. He could have had elephant ears and a wart. But no. He had to be beautiful.

"I don't know," I whispered.

Was I being hypnotised? Entirely possible.

"Do you hate me, Miss Mahal? Because I think your morals do."

Silence. Then, "I am making sacrifices for the mission. My morals understand."

His eyes iced over. "You consider dancing with me a sacrifice? "

"Well of course. Don't you?"

He leaned closer. " Well, then, my lady, don't you think it's my duty to make your suffering that much earier?" I frowned. " What are you talking about?"

He pulled me so close our noses touched. "I mean, Miss Mahal, that I won't want you to leave this ballroom the same as you came in." "And how do you propose to change me?"

He let his nose slide down and slip across my cheek. His lips feathered across my skin. "Do you have any ideas?" "Many," I whispered, like the true wanton I was.

His lips stretched into a trimplant smile. "Really? And what would your morals say about that?"

"I am not listening to them right now." My hands slipped into his hair. "Careful, Miss Mahal. If you continue, I fear I will do something I won't regret but you will."

I brought my lips close to his ear and whispered, "Is this a threat?" "You don't want to find out, sweetie." "People call me rash."

His mouth slid back till it rested on my upper lip. "Warned you..."

Find out what happens after in the full book on wattpad...

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