All Good Things Come To An End
All Good Things Come To An End button poetry stories

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Short lived relationships with everything right except for the timings are often looked over in the light of eternal unconditional love. Why not read a poem about something temporary but still pure?

All Good Things Come To An End

You're sitting beside me. I'm only trying to read your tee. "I'll be your hom(i)e" I think I've stared for far too long 'cause you're already smiling. I giggle before I pass on a paper saying - I'll be your hoe-mie. We exchange no promises, just an understanding of the temporary and ephermal in this youth probing for their constants. //Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies

I think a lot about how we're building a home anyway. We're weak in the knees and heavy in our hearts, we were bound to fall. My lips can only staple questions if they're slipping off your tongue and not electrifying the air. There's something more stupefying in our mere gazes than the flicks of our tongues. We could be more. //There's an elephant in the room

I tell you I'm being haunted by the ghosts of my lovers, you decide to be my lover altogether. You make us dance to old rock and you don't even dance, you just watch me wag my ass until I watch you watching me and then you would laugh. You replace "fucking" with "making love" and hold me even as I sleep to make sure I don't slip away. //A drowning man will clutch at a straw

We're strong and we hold on to hopes and hands. We yell through the walls for an hour before we realize we need to breathe. I tell you that I had warned you about the mess I am. You hold my face and remind me that you know. You trace my scars and tell me you'll stay. You do not leave. But I need to breathe. //A chain is only as strong as its weakest link

The night before we call it off, we see it coming. You hold my hand a little tighter, I speak a little quieter. We plan our own funeral and the loss is undeniable. When you love someone indifference is not a choice. We stay up the entire night looking for reasons to hold on for a little longer. //One cannot love and be wise

You always had your thing for proverbs and idioms, about how they stayed true to their meanings. And I'd lay you a kiss every time you would use one in front of me. The day we leave, you tell me "all good things come to an end." I do not kiss.

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