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A story of true love.


She smiled lightly as she watched his chest rise and fall steadily, his body relaxed as he slept.

She watched his eyelids flutter slightly and smiled again, marvelling at the calm, easy way with which he managed to relax anywhere.

She sat up so that she was sat cross-legged next to him, her bare knee resting against his bare chest, his skin slightly too warm under the duvet.

She pushed it down so it lay on the band of his boxers, running her thumb along the thick elastic as he shifted slightly before settling, one arm resting on her thigh.

She ran her fingers gently across his hand, admiring the veins that meandered down his wrist and forearm, his heart never faltering in pushing blood through them.

She followed the veins down his arm, tracing the path that they followed to his heart, gently running her thumb across his nipple before circling the place where his heart lay.

She continued down between his ribs, the nail of her index finger gently tracing the seam. She froze as he shifted slightly, not wanting to wake him.

She rested her hand on his stomach, her smile returning as she felt the steady rise and fall of his breathing beneath her palm.

She ran her finger back up his chest, and paused, watching his eyes flicker under his eyelids, a small content smile growing on her face.

She gently ran her thumb across his collarbones and down his arm until she reached his hand again.

She looked up as he shifted slightly, watching as he opened his eyes one at a time and smiled when he saw her watching him.

She leaned forward slightly and ran her thumb across his lips, smiling gently one last time before she plunged the large butchers knife into his chest.

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