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Just like a rose blossoms through a cracked concrete, yet, retains its beauty, similarly, women find the courage to live their lives with dignity and grace by challenging the adversities they face in their relationships and life and overcome them.


He said she was beautiful

She thought he had read her soul

But his indifference awakened her from her illusion

And she found herself in a hollow zone.

As she stumbled her way out of the depths of dismay

She decided to be a beautiful rose

That grows through the cracks of a stone

Where it stands tall, yet, disowned.

He said he would appreciate and value her

Her happiness knew no bounds

But his absence jolted her into reality

Leaving her lonely despite having him around.

So, she decided to value herself

And appreciate the gift of life as it were

She decided to overcome her adversities

Just like the Sun lights up the Universe.

He said he would desire and love her

Believing those words of passion, she spun her dreams

But his lack of commitment decomposed her in no time

Leaving her anxious, unnerved, filled with low-esteem.

So, she decided to love and value herself

And fill her life with laughter and happiness

She set goals and worked towards achieving them

And decided to dream and desire with dauntlessness.

He said he would be her companion

And walk with her right till the end

His empty words brought in disappointment

That seemed pointless and exhausting beyond amend.

Though she hoped him to catch up at some turn

She found herself walking all alone

She challenged every struggle that life tossed at her

Building her strength to live alone.

Before she even knew she had wandered off too far

To uphold her promise, she had forgotten who she was

Before she even knew she had given up too much

Only to find that time had slipped off in a hush.

But she decided to pick up the pieces

And live life with herself, as he had said he would

Now, even though her shadow leaves her in darkness

She has decided to create a life filled with joyousness.


Aparna Menon

(c) All Rights Reserved

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