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anthonypina Community member
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Lost in the thought of Love.

Loves Lost Thought

I cant believe how many times I find myself here lost in thought. I find myself here lost in my head more times than a normal person should. Why? I always ask myself why with no answer in sight.

Lost, confused, and damned to hell. I can hear my sins yelling my name begging for a chance to flow out of me like ramped river.

Souly knowing my own sins, knowing if they had left me the destruction they would cause would end the life I hold on to so dearly. Why? Here we are back at the question why do my sins eat me.

Why do we sin? Do we sin because one man died for our sins and if we didn’t he would have died in vein or is it cause we don’t know anything different?

We have sinned for as long as man has been on this world. For us to be able to not commit a sin would be like the world finally having world peace.

Is it possible? No forever we will find our self struggling to hold on to the truth. Forever we will find ourselves losing our way, straying from the path of self righteousness.

One thing we should never forget is how to love. For love is what drives us forward and what keeps us evolving, but love is what makes us all vulnerable.

For I have felt love and for love has damned me. Right now I find myself lost in this emotion and its blinds me to see your truth..

Damn why did you do this why would you pull me in just to suffocate me with no attention. Why would you tell me you were mine just to let me go in a blink of an eye.

For you have ruined it, for you have damned me..

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