Who is 1800 Clouty?
Who is 1800 Clouty? clouty stories

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This means so much to me, I just really need help getting him out there......

Who is 1800 Clouty?

1800 Clouty is an American Rapper/Musician that grew up at Baldwin Park, California. Originally Born, (Noah Yozgadlian) on December 8th, he grew up listening to alot of 70's, 80's and 90's hip-hop/R&B/Punk/Rock due to his mother and grandmother's taste in music. Clouty continues to peruses his musical talents and is pushing to grow his audience through social media, but it all began around the age of 14. At 14 years old Clouty started first recording tracks and by 15 he created "Cancun". Cancun is a popular song that grabbed a great deal of attention and he started growing his fan base from there. Over time Clouty has started to develop his uniqe flow for Rap/Hip-Hop Music. (As 1800 Clouty stated, "Music is my way of expressing my self, its's my f*ck you to the world, Nobody can tell me different").

Please take a couple of minutes out of your day to check out this amazing artist I see amazing potential in his music and style.

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