The Boy Who Gave and The Girl Who Took; Two Side's of a Story
The Boy Who Gave and The Girl Who Took; Two Side's of a Story school stories

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A snippet from a story I wrote quite a few years back (So I haven't proof read it, no pictures, since I copy and pasted no spaces between paragraphs and cringe writing, Sorry XD) None the less, I'd really appreciate it if you gave your opinion on it, and sorry for no real description, Thanks :)

The Boy Who Gave and The Girl Who Took; Two Side's of a Story

(In the changing room) “You know I could I could just leave you here” She slowly turns to me with a hint of surprise on her face “But you wouldn’t” She’s right, I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to do that. In fact, I don’t know why I even said it. But maybe I would if she doesn’t hurry up “Kichiro just wait a bit longer please. Pretty please!” Shiori’s annoying but she’s kinda cute so I can’t say no. Even though we were only meant to be there for 5 more minutes, we ended up leaving an hour later. Luckily none of the care takers are overly serious about the curfews, but we still end up with the usual scolding and as usual we take nothing of it. After I take Shiori back to her room I head off to mine, but not before reading her favourite novel to her. I finally arrive at my room, I suddenly feel physically and mentally drained. Shi-sans demanding but having such a serious disability would be difficult. Now I feel even worse by the fact that I’ve been complaining to someone who has no mobility in their legs. I decide its best if I just go to sleep. Waking up from sleep, (If you can even call it that) I drag myself from my dorm to the showers. I get dressed and brush my teeth as usual but stop to look at myself in the mirror before I go. The steam distorts the mirror making it even harder to see then already with my less then great vision. It reflects a blank canvas back at me, a canvas with no paint nor writing. I can sense time passing when I finally realise that someone’s staring at me from the door. Its Hiro from my class. I try not to engage in any conversation since I know what it’s like to speak with him, but it’s inevitable. “Um, what are you doing?” “Looking at the mirror” Well that was a stupid response… “I know but why have you been staring at it for 10 minutes; do you really think you look that good” He chuckles but quickly stops. “No…” Jeez have I really been here that long and do I really seem that stuck up? I can feel my face beginning to turn red. The air quickly starts to go stale and fills with silence. “Well I guess I’ll leave you to your usual hushed state then” Hiro says all nonchalant as he walks into one of the stalls. Hushed state? I mean I don’t speak with many people besides Shiori but that’s only because I don’t really know anyone else. Or to be exact, that I don’t, want, to know anyone else. Standing there in a vegetated way I gather my things and scurry down to Shiori’s dorm. I don’t bother to knock because its 7:30 and its almost time for school. As every other day she’s still sleeping and the rooms still a mess. I carefully step over the piles of clothes and go to pull open the blinds. The light from the rising sun illuminates the still dark room which finds a smaller than normal body under the covers. I shake shiori’s shoulder but no reaction. So I do it again, and I get the same result. Becoming impatient I rip the sheets off showing shiori’s squinting face. She grabs the blanket and throws it over herself. Voice mufflelled she says something that instinctively makes me know that getting her up is going to more difficult than I originally expected “Argh what do you want” I tell her want I want in my serious tone but she just blocks it from entering her train of thought. “Shiori Saiko do you want me to call your mother!” And just like that she jerks herself upright with both her arms. Its good that Shiori’s parents let me know that I can call them when ever I need to, but some times I abuse the power a bit too much. Never the less it still helps. Its good that Shiori has a petite figure but it still takes a toll on my arms having to carry her to and fro. And it doesn’t help that I’m not exactly the healthiest of all people. Step by step I take her to the bathroom and get her dressed. The fact that I’m in the same room as her when ever she needs help with issues of the body is not the most comfortable thing. To be honest I don’t know why she doesn’t get a nurse to help her. I mean that’s what they get paid for. On the notion I decide to ask her while still putting on her shoes. “How come you don’t get one of the nurse’s here to help you” I pause for a second “It’d make everything a lot less embarrassing for the both of us” I wait for Shiori to respond. It takes a while but she eventually says something. “Well we know each other so well that I feel kind of relaxed when your around” “So basically what your saying is that instead of having to wake up on time and do everything the nurse says you can just ignore me instead?” “Yeah!” She’s impossible… After babbling on to her about how she should listen more (Which ironically, I think went against what my point was) we’re finally ready to go. So I place Shiori into her wheel chair and take her to class. As we move through the corridors it dawns on me that for a school of its size its surprisingly scarce of students. But its probably that most of them stay in their rooms, how I would be if I didn’t have any obligations. Even weirder, the hallways seem twice as big as they need to be. As I think about why a school with only close to about 100 students has areas as spaced out as they are I come to conclusion that its for kids like Shiori. Once we arrive at our home rooms I leave Shiori at hers and proceed to mine. The work in class is quite easy and I zone off a few times, having completed all the set work. I look around the room and see people with all different types of disabilities, mostly physical. I think I’m only one of a handful of students who have a mental ‘disorder’. God I hate that word. I hate any words of the sort such as condition, disability and problem. They make us sound like were wrong, like we weren’t meant to be. But I guess there’s no other words for it. *Ding Dong Ding Dong* A loud bell rings, signalling that its break. As routine (Or what told by Shiori) I make my way to the schools garden where I meet up with Shiori and her friends. Since I can’t stand talking about shoes or whatever girls talk about I sit in the shade just from where they are. Time quickly passes and we all go back to our classes. With in moments of just entering the room, a loud voice shouts for me. “Kichiro! Come here!” Its Chinatsu, and she seems to be carrying a stack of books. “…” I try to ignore her but it just makes her pouty.

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