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Tell me-- Why are you like this? I hope this true story helps everyone who has ever went through bullying to find their courage and come out brave in the end.

Tell me

What did I do that you didn't like?

Tell me

Why do you have to break me so you can mend?

Tell me

Why do you have to make me miserable to make yourself happy?

Tell me

Why are you like this?

I'm not usually a hateful person.

But you pushed me over the edge.

I'm sorry

I did not want it to be this way

You scars hurt more than knifes, and they never heal.

I don't know why you had to do this to me every time.

Tell me

Why did you cut me down just so you could pull yourself up?

Tell me

Why did you have to stomp on me just so you could grow taller?

Tell me

Why you will never grow up

Tell me

Why you are like this.

I never meant to hurt you. But you always thought I did.

I wanted desperately to be friends with you, so you made me your slave.

I was open and cheerful, and so you took ahold of my vulnerability


I pray every night for guidance in forgiving you.

But every day you make me wonder why was praying for you worth it.

You backstabber. Why did you cut me down when i was weakest?

You traitor. Why did you push me around when I couldn't even stand?

I was just asking you a question, a harmless question, I wanted to know about your situation... But you said I was bothering you. You scolded me. You never backed down from your argument... I had to withdrew.

Because you were killing me.

I'm sorry, it didn't have to be this way. You didn't have to be the way you are. Why do I always believe you will change?

Time and time again, you told ahold of my vulnerability.

You took the best of me

And turned it into the worst of me.

And the MOST terrible part?

I suffered in silence.

I am not throwing a tantrum, i am just telling the truth. I am not trying to tell lies, I am just telling the truth you tried to hide. You have silenced me for years, but not now. You may be able to fool everyone now, but one day, you will not be able to.

I. AM. SOMEONE. INDEPENDENT. I do not need your approval. I do not need you. I do not need your toxic friendship.

I can live without your toxic words. I can live without your stubborn ways. I can live without you blaming everything on me. I can live without your lies. I can live without your scars.

But no.

Somehow I cannot.

Somehow, i still love you, in a twisted unexplainable way.

These are my real feelings, poured into these pages. This story is real, it is not so you would feel sorry for me.

I just hope

That if you feel like you are similar to me

I hope you find your true friends one day

I hope we can be strong together.

Tell me, Why do you never change?

Because I have to stop believing in you. I have to let go. But I will give you some last words.

One day, when middle school ends, it becomes high school. And then? It just becomes life. We'll see who rises to the actual top, and we'll see who's going to be laughing then.

Tell me

Why are you like this?

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