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annatistappa In a deep thinking
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Hey guys, How are you? I want to share a moment of my life happened yesterday.

In my building, there is a girl named Naina actually she is only 10 years old. She is very confident and always keep smiling also she is good at her studies.

But she has only one problem she is bald and we don't known what the reason behind that. The children in our society keep teasing her.

She never cries or complaint about that to anyone. She only laughs whenever anyone tease her.

I told her, Why you keep laughing whenever they say bald to you, Wait I will complaint to their parents.

She replied me, Why I should complaint about them, is it any loss to me. Why I should be bothered . In my life I am not going to take any tension or stress. It just a waste of time.

By listening her words, I came to known . What we take we get that, If she keep on crying or be sad than she will be disappointed. She will loose her confident. Her whole family and surrounding will take tension of her.

So guys, start to live yourself and make your decision its ok if the decision is wrong, it your life. You will get a satisfaction that its your decision.

Start to make your decision and stand for yourself, NO one can do anything to you until you are strong, Brave and confidient. Thank you

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