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(Same Characters from Grand Theft Golf Cart)

Josh?" Dave hissed tapping on his friends window. He gripped tightly to the ledge. "Joshua" he called again annoyance straining his tone.

Joshua's Secret

Josh?" Dave hissed tapping on his friends window. He gripped tightly to the ledge.

"Joshua" he called again annoyance straining his tone. He could faintly hear the sound of dance music coming from inside the room.

"If you're ignoring me for Britney I'm gonna murder you!" Dave said even though there was no real venom behind the words.

He sighed and contemplated giving up. He needed someone to talk to. Maybe Quinn would be free?

Except Quinn wasn't Joshua and really that's who Dave needed right now.

He swung his backpack off his back and barely managed to root around for his pocket knife and stay balanced on the window ledge.

He slipped the thin blade between the window and the sill and forcefully cracked the window open.

He lifted the panel and tumbled into the warm familiar room.

Dave barely registered the screech that greeted him as he gazed up from the carpeted floor at Joshua.

Joshua who was wearing copious amounts of makeup. So much the Dave only recognised him because of his hair, dark and unruly, the same as it always was.

"Whoa" Dave breathed taking in just how feminine Joshua looked. His bulky clean shaven nerdy friend looked like some unfinished glamazon on a magazine.

"Get. Out" Joshua barked roughly gripping Dave by the arm and pulling him to his feet.

Dave stumbled and gripped Joshua's shoulders to help steady himself. It left him in a position to take in the little details like the glitter on Joshua's crease and the overdone lips.

He also could see the absolute fear in Joshua's eyes. He was terrified, but of what?

"Nice face" Dave said for lack of anything better to say. Said face contorted and anger flashed in those warm brown eyes. He roughly began pushing Dave back toward the window.

"If youre gonna be a dick leave" He said rage barely contained.

Dave dug his heals into the carpet and stopped the pushing. "I'm not making fun of you" he hastily said, grabbing his friends wrists.

Joshua snorted but let his hands fall away from his best friend. Dave was a lot of things but he wasn't a liar. At least he never lied to Joshua.

"I'm not finished so either leave or sit there and deal with it" He told the blue haired boy decisively.

Dave weighed up his options, the words he wanted to say, the reaction he was supposed to have.

In the end he tossed his bag on the floor, kicked off his shoes and made himself comfortable on Joshua's bed.

Joshua looked at him puzzled for a moment before sighing in acceptance and returning to his desk.

It had been turned into a makeshift makeup station with a shitty mirror propped against a couple of Joshua's textbooks.

Dave didn't want to stare as his best friend continued applying heaps of makeup to his face except...

Yes he abso-fucking-lutely did.

"So why are you breaking and entering into my home?" Joshua asked, seeming intent on ignoring the elephant in the room.

Dave was okay with that, what elephant? Which room? He didn't know, he was ignoring it.

"My moms being a dick again" Dave told him, not going into detail but knowing that Joshua knew what he meant. Joshua always knew.

"Like mother like son"

"Fuck you" Dave spat but he couldn't help but smile. Joshua's biting sense of humour was what made their friendship work so well.

No one with sensitivities could put up with Dave.

"You need somewhere to crash for the night?" He asked, making a weird face as he applied what seemed to be eyebrows. They were further up than his natural ones, more tamed too.

"If you don't mind" Dave said, out of courtesy more than anything else. Of course Joshua would let him stay.

Joshua always did.

"I don't. But I'll be gone most of the night" He told him, grabbing Dave's undivided attention.

"Where are you going?" He asked rising from his relaxed position

"I've got a show" Joshua explained vaguely, barely taking his eyes off the mirror in front of him.

"A show?" Dave question, infinitely more curious now.

"Ya know.." Joshua said, gesturing to his face.

It took Dave a minute but finally clicked.

"Holy shit!" He exclaimed, practically jumping with delight. "Holy shit you're a drag queen!"

"Yes I am now shh" Joshua hissed, taking a moment to glare at his best friend.

"Can I come to your show?" Dave asked excitedly, his problems and worries completely forgotten as he uncovers this new nugget of information.

"No" Came the finite response.

Dave pouted and whined "Joooosshhhhuuuuaaa please".

"It's a 21's club you won't get in" Joshua explained to him, taking a large fluffy brush and sweeping it around his face to remove excess powder.

"How are you getting in?" Dave asked, ignoring his disappointment.

"I have a deal with the owner" Joshua replies nonchalantly.

Dave's blood runs cold "Josh you're not .... Whoring yourself out for drag right?"

Joshua makes a disgusted noise and tosses one of his brushes at Dave's head, smacking him square in the forehead, leaving a dusting of pink eye shadow in its wake.

"The owner's a lesbian jackass"

Dave laughs harder than he should.

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