On The Mend
On The Mend second-chance stories

angrygirl87 Community member
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Not for others but for herself...

On The Mend

It was odd how her life has unfolded, She went from one extreme to the other, From a people pleaser to a people hater, Her anger became her shield and her solace.

The things are changing again, for the better, She is ready to let go of the past, once more, She might never find love now or ever, But she will not hide in the shadows either.

She has been hurt by the ones she loved the most, Isn't it the case with so many people though? If any one can learn to live again after the pain, Life is all about forgiving and being forgiven.

She can do it too, only if she tried, She has decided to do just that and, Enough tears have beend shed, She refused to cry over the past wounds.

She was an angry girl for the longest time, Now she is a girl on her way to recovery, No longer a people pleaser, but not a hater either, She is finally ready to give people a second chance.

A chance they might not deserve or even want, But she is the one who deserves it, for sure, She needs to by happy and live a full life, She is going to do it, not for others but herself.

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