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When I questioned my faith

Messages to God

What if you had one chance to send a message to God? Would you do it or would you let the chance go by?

Would you write a long letter or would you be stumped because you haven't spoken to him in a while?

While your still on the header trying to figure out what to call him; Mr, Master, Holy father, or the big man upstairs.

would you even think the chance is real or just another hoax so people can see your true heart and give it a little poke? What if you found out it wasn't a joke?

What if you got a sign from God himself saying i am here send the letter? Or would you call it a coincidence? I bet you know someone who calls Christ his savior and Believes in God.

You see them walk their walk and talk the talk. you see their lives forever changed and you know they would have no trouble writing the letter. Yet here you are pondering.

Maybe it's because a guy hurt you? Maybe it's because of money problems? What have you got to lose?

If you write it and he doesn't answer then you have your answer but I bet he does! As the pen in your hand starts writing as the ink hits the paper. Doors will open. People will start coming.

Like a dam that just broke your floodgates of boundaries that you said no no one can go there will be busted wide and you will have no choice but to say I give it all.

No, It's like that one little crack in the glass. You don't see it till it gets tapped. Tap, Tap, Tap.

Can you hear it? But after a while, the crack gets bigger and you notice it but you might choose to ignore it but all of a sudden VOOSH!

The glass cracks and you're standing vulnerable to the world saying God help me. Jesus save me. If you wanna take up a pen and start jotting down what's on your mind upon the dotted lines.

I don't blame you! I would too. But the question is........will you let the chance go by? Or will you write the letter and see it through? I can promise he will deliver as he did me.

Will you write or let the moment pass by? Do you have a message for God?

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