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" hey! Y/n L/n! I'm -I'm gonna have get stronger! So I can protect you no matter what!"

You knew fighting a villain like the back of your own hand but now you had to face new battles with your heart.
No one said it was easy to date a hero

To Be A Hero Part 1

--- origin story---

Age 5

Y/n L/n was only five when she first learned her lesson about life.

She wasn't a cry baby.

Sure she fell down here and there but those were nothing compared to this moment.

She had been pushed hard in the chest and stumbled falling into a mud puddle by one of the taller bullies in front of her.

She tried so hard not to cry, ' don't let them see you cry!' Y/n tells herself as the tears build up in her soft round (color) eyes.

The little girl sat in the mud with her books by her side, she looked down at her once brand new clothes, that her grandpa had bought for her to wear on the first day at the new school.

It was a small blue t-shirt with All Might on the front with shorts to match but now, she sat crying in a puddle of wet dirt covered in mud, " aw, are you gonna cry now, STAR-BRIGHT?

" The main kid in the group with spiky hair smirked as he uses her new nickname. his name is Katsuki Bakugo.

The embarrassed 5-year-old kept her eyes glued onto her red shoes. Until, She finally gathered the courage to look him in his rudy eyes.

Those same eyes she saw at the beginning of her day. When she first saw him in homeroom when she introduced herself as the new student, the teacher asked if Y\n had achieved her quark yet.

She explained," no-no, I haven't but have no fear! My grampa says when I do I will shine like a star! And I'll be just like my hero, ALL MIGHT!" She makes a silly pose.

Almost everyone laughed including one kid toward the back. It was those soft red eyes that made Y\n fall for the blonde and hard.

Despite the fact he was laughing at her, she loved his laugh, it made her heart flutter at the sight. She learns his name from overhearing some of his friends during class.

Y/n makes up her mind, she will confess to him during recess!

Though outclass, Y/n tried to build up the courage to confess to Katsuki.

She watched as the clocked tik toked for recess while she wrote a letter in crayon and then top it off, Y\n covers the letter in hearts and stars.

When the bell rings, she almost jumps out of her seat before the teacher could dismiss them. Y/n follows Katsuki outside with the sparkly letter in hand.

From up close, Katsuki was cute and very brave when Y/n first laid eyes on him. The girl fell for him at first sight. Oh, how wrong Y/N was.

Things didn't go as planned.

When Y/n finally pulls him to the side and hands him her love letter. The spiky blond looked flustered as though he was about to say something but then one of his friends pushed Y/N into the mud.

"Kucchan.." she whimpered, " what-what did I do wrong?" Y/N asked innocently.

" shut up, loser" is all the red eyed boy says while looking away as he pushes her back in the mudd using his quirk.

The girl closed her eyes tight as she shook falls hard to the ground while tears ran down her face,

" kucchan st-stop picking on Y\N?!" A high pitch winy voice spoke up from the hundred of kids watching.

A small boy nervously steps forward and in front of Y/n acting as a her personal shield, " that-that was really mean, she's had enough!

" The boy with fluffy green hair and blue eyes nervously stares into the taller boys eyes, " can-can't you see she's crying!?"

'Who is this boy, some kind of angel?

' She wondered while sniffing watching though tear full eyes as the small boy in front of her protected her with his own body while crying himself, " If you keep going I-I won't forgive you!!

" He shouts.

The bully's looked confused with blank looks on their faces.

Until one of them laughs, " even though you are quirkless, you're still pretending to be this kids hero" Bakugo says as one by one by one.

The three bully's use there special quirks to attack the small boy.

She couldn't sit there and do nothing.

She had to do something, anything. Even if it means standing up to school bullies.

This is where Y/n learned her first life lesson.

' Big or Small you can make a difference '

Tips of stardust spread through her fingers as it forms a bright star into her hand and without thinking she shot her arm out throwing the glowing star and makes a direct hit

on Bakugo tackling him to the ground, " you leave him alone!!" Y/n yells as she stands up beside the smaller boy.

Bakugo and the others looked shocked to say the least. The crying girl in front of them was standing and ready to fight, " Y-Y/n" the dark haired boy muttered under his breath.

"You wanna fight along side that quirkless loser!? Fine by me!" Bakugo shouts gets ready to use his explosion quirk.

Y/n was shaking and sniffing but showed no fear as she uses her Stardust quirk.

Lucky for them the small boy with dark green hair told the teacher and was able to stop the fight before it got completely out of hand.

The good news, since it was Y/n first day and two she had not fully developed her quirk.

The teacher decides not to call her grandfather and just let's her off with a warning and new change of clothes. The downside? He forces both of them to make up and even called Bakugo's mother.

After school, she waited on the front steps for her grandpa to pick her up. Sitting there she felt lost, her crush turned out to actually hate her.

Y/n looks down at her small hands, as the memory plays though her head. So..this is what's it like to have super powers?

She giggles finding it silly that such a thing could change a persons life.

"Um-Are-are you laughing by yourself?" A nervous voice asked. Y/n snaps her towards the person in question, " oh-it's you!" it's the small cry baby boy from earlier.

He smiles and waves, "um, thank-thank you for standing up for me" Y/n giggles and smiles, " you're like my angel!"

The boy blushes like crazy, " wh-what?! I'm not a angel, and besides-" the boy looks down at his red shoes, " I'm-I'm just a normal kid"

" no, you're not! " Y/n smacks the top of the boy's head, " you are my angel and that's final!"

" ow!" The boy yells, " o-okay!"

The two sat on the front steps waiting until Y/n grandma's arrives in his old beat up truck,

" well that's my ride" she smiles at the boy waving goodbye she is about to leave when suddenly Y/n feels her hand begin tugged by someone, " huh?

" She turns and looks at back to find the small boy smiling,

" hey! Y/n L/n! I'm -I'm gonna have to get stronger! So I can protect you no matter what! Just like ALL MIGHT!"

The way Y/n smiles, makes him blush hard.

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