The Coffee Cat Part 2 - A Rushover
The Coffee Cat
Part 2 - A Rushover sweatpantscoffee stories
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Night as cold as rain. Twisted friendship's trust.
What could be colder for Alice with the warmth of a cup of hot coffee?

The Coffee Cat Part 2 - A Rushover

written by Angela Tsng Night as cold as rain, Twisted friendship's trust.

"Sorry! I got to go," I rush back out to the alleyway. "Wait, but your coffee-" I don't have time to explain the situation. I try leaving the shop as far as possible, before texting the stranger.

"Bevillion Street, Avenue 8," I text the stranger with the threat on me. "Very well, stay. Or be sorry," I feel scared but I couldn't move either. My best friend's life might be at risk for sure.

"Alice?" I turn around to see Averynne. "Averynne! Are you okay?" She took a step backwards. "Alice, where did you come from? I mean just now where were you?" "I was coming from NY Coffee,"

"You're lying, Alice. You were rushing from Bevillion Street on that side. You're hiding something," Dumbfounded, I asked "Was it a trick you sent?" "Yes, it indeed is. Alice, I want to know!"

"Know what?! I have nothing to hide," as I said, I realize that I was completely lying to her. She stare at me in disappointment. "GooDbYe Alice!" she turns and leaves.

I feel pathetic. And as the rain begins to fall, I remember that I'm afraid of just slight cold. I passed out on the spot. And who would have known what would happen that rainy night.?

— To Be Continued — What a relief Averynne isn't in trouble, but now she and Alice aren't in good terms. Follow for more chapters coming. Instagram: AngelaTsng

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