The Coffee Cat Part 1 - The Secret Hangout
The Coffee Cat
Part 1 - The Secret Hangout hangout stories

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Alice Blueriver loves coffee. Hanging at her secret place for a coffee, she receives a threat message on text about her best friend.

The Coffee Cat Part 1 - The Secret Hangout

written by Angela Tsng Would Alice sacrifice a coffee for a threat?

"This dress is beautiful," Averynne says as she gazes at it in admiration. It is, the blue gown in the showcase glass. "I'd get a cup of latte, instead," I said.

"Oh, Alice, how could you compare such a beautiful gown to your ridiculous taste for coffee?" she chuckles. "Speaking of coffee, I got to leave," Averynne rolls her eyes at me as I rush off.

Crossing a few streets, I finally reach the alleyway to my casual coffee shop. Not even my best friend knows me enough to know that I go to such strange places like the alley for a coffee moment.

The aroma. The imaginary taste on the lips too. Just a small thought of latte pops into my mind, my thirst came running through. I reached the other end, I push open the door into the shop.

"Good afternoon, Miss Blueriver. Welcome back," says the usual cat who greets me. "Thanks, glad to be back. Call me Alice, by the way," I lay down on the coach with my bag swung up to the hanger.

As usual, she calls me by my last name. "Oh right, Alice, what would you like to have today?" "Perhaps a cup of latte, please. And a cappuccino flavored piece of cake," I order.

Just then, someone sends me a text. It is from Averynne's number. "Tell me where you are noW, oR I WiLL kill your best friend in an instance!" I gasped in shock, "Who are you?"

— To Be Continued — Will Alice give her location to save her best friend? Or will she let her die to keep this place as a secret? Follow for more chapters coming. Instagram: AngelaTsng

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