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What love can just a puppy give you? It is far beyond heart warming.

Puppy's Love

written by Angela Tsng Is a puppy's love enough for your Valentine's Day?

"Puppy!" I was displeased when I see the house in a mess, most probably made by my pet dog. "Woah.." And again, Puppy made that pitiful sound, staring at me with its watery puppy eyes.

"Don't you 'woah' me now. Not with those eyes," it stared as I settled at home. "We need to clean up this mess now." With that, Puppy started eating the chocolates which are spilled on the floor.

"It's Valentine's Day. It's suppose to be beautiful, sweet and romantic," I sighed as the thought of romance came to my mind. "Awh.. but I don't have a date." Puppy glanced at me.

"Coffee, yes," Whenever I feel frustrated, Puppy gives me a look that reminds me of having a cup of coffee. "Ah, thanks darling. A cup of coffee is all I need right now." I sip on the hot drink.

Seeing something on the table, I was surprised, "What's that?" Puppy walked towards me and stood, looking at me, happily shaking its tail. "You made them for me?" Puppy woofed to tell me it did.

"Oh Puppy! That's so sweet of you!" Then I realized Puppy is just a little dog. He doesn't cook the way a human does. The mess, it is worth cleaning up, with this heart warming surprise from him.

I know Puppy loves me and I do love him too. I don't need a boy for my Valentine's date. What I need is true love, from anyone at all. With that, I gave Puppy a kiss he deserves since years ago.

— The End — Have a beautiful Valentine's Day with love! <3 Check out my other stories: Hailey (The Gift) Goodbye (Jen's Ben) Tumblr: angelatsng Twitter: angelatsng

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