I Don't Believe
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angelatsng Sixteen 🦋
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Look, I don't believe anymore.

I Don't Believe

by Angela Tsng

I don't believe in love. That's because I've been hurt so many times.

Unintentionally or not, This thing we called as 'love', Twisted my soul and stabbed my heart.

Over and over again, like a new knife to kill. And as when I thought a knife would ever be kind. .

Remember, My lovely girl, A pair of deceivingly blunt scissors has never been merciful on roses.

My heart, Just like a tomato.

Knives have never kept the tomatoes in their original shape. They cut them into dying pieces.

Nor have we ever not eaten food which we have killed for ourselves?

Vegetables come from plantation. And a fresh piece of meat comes from a victimized animal.

I did believed. And I wanted to believe. But all of 'you' let me no choice but to kill my faith to love anymore.

I don't believe. I don't want to believe. I don't believe in love. No more.

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