Behind Those Innocent Eyes
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Will you be able to recall the past and know who killed your sister?

Behind Those Innocent Eyes

written by Angela Tsng Will you be able to recall it?

I woke up to find myself lying on the ground. Around me are tall trees. No sign of anyone else, but me. I got up on my feet and started turning and looking around. "Where am I?"

No. The question is, "What happened? And, what am I doing here in a forest?" Now I just have to find a way out of here. Seeing a pathway, I followed. Hoping it'll lead me to somewhere.

I managed to get out of the silent and lonely woods, exiting to an opening. I see hills, spacious ground of grasses, and trees. "I've got to find a way out back to the city."

How did I climb all the way up here and ended up in the woods? And then, I see a car parked, about a twenty meters away from where I was standing. Isn't that my car? I thought to myself.

Fortunately for me, I found my car keys in my left pocket of my coat. I got into my car and started the engine. The power of my car has overcome the distance from where I wanted to go.

After just a few hours of search, I finally found a way back to where I belong to. When I was driving from a dozen meters away, I saw my family members crying in front of the gate.

Then there was the police cars. "Mrs. Stevenson, please understand. We have to keep you out from this area right now. And hearing that, I guess a crime scene must have occurred. Wait, but..

Who is dead? In my house, it must be one of my family members, or maybe a friend who I know of. I got down from my car, and approached my family members. "Mom, dad, what is happening?"

"YOU!" My mom pushed me onto the fence harshly. "Mom! What's wrong?" confused, I asked. Her eyes softened as she sees me stare in confusion and curiousity. "Where have you been, my daughter?"

"Mom, I- I- I was in the forest. I don't know what happened. I can't recall any memories of the occurrence." My dad, and my brother stared at me with doubts.

"Melissa is murdered," my brother said, with a still expression, holding back his emotions. I gasped in the shock of my own sister's news. How..?

"She was stabbed twice through the heart, and once through her right of her chest." For some reasons, I feel numb of knowing that Melissa's dead. I couldn't feel any sorrow. I felt strong guilt.

"Rebecca." A voice in my head calls, then chuckles. Ah! Mhm, I rememeber it all now. I am the one who put my own sister into the death that she deserves.

Those pills I took.. They made me forget the past dozen of hours. I might have escaped into the forest to hide. Now no one knows the evil secret of mine, hidden behind those innocent eyes I have.

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