Blue eyes (Chapter 3)
Blue eyes (Chapter 3) highschool stories
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Chapter 2= Katherine is now in her big school! She met someone named Lia do you think they will be good friend?❤️

Blue eyes (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3 Okay here goes nothing, I get out of the car “Bye sweetie have a nice day” my mom said “okay..hopefully” I said as she started to drive off. Well um maybe I should start walking and find someone to help me through out each of my classes. “KATHERINE CAROL COME TO THE MAIN OFFICE KATHERINE CAROL” says out of no where. Okay I guess I gotta go to the principle office.

But this is only my first time going to school and I don’t know where it is. “Maybe i can help” says a girl who appears behind me “Oh sure! Thank you” I said back, as she leaded me to the main office she asked “What’s your name?” She said “Katherine” I said back with a smile. “Oh I love it! My name is Lia” she says with a grin “Nice name!” I said back.

Okay looks like we are at the main office now. “We are here!” Says Lia, “Okay thank you so much! For the help” I say back as I really mean it. I knocked on the office door than people started laughing than someone says “I think you need to pull the handle to get inside don’t you think?” Than everyone started laughing more “Oh ummm yea thanks?” I said back.

That was kinda rude of that person. Well I won’t let that ruin this special day. I ring the bell so I can get attention “Yes dear how may I help you?” Says this beautiful lady “I was needed” I said back with a smile. “Oh right! Right this way please” she says back. I followed her into the principles office “Here she is” the lady said with a smile “Thank you Ms.Cleo” says the man.

So what do I do now, “you may take a seat Katherine” says the man “Okay thank you!” I said back “no need” he says. “Now that you are a new student at Wortheren Highschool I will have someone to teach you about our rules and classes and homework being on time, I hope you realize that this is a very nice school” says the man.

“Yes i do sir and I am very happy to be here!” I said back with a smile. “Okay here is your provider her name is Lia she is 16 years old and she will help you get ready” he says. Lia smiles at me cause we already met. “Come on Katherine lets go!” Lia says with a smile “Haha, okay!” I said back as she pulled my arm to run with her “NO RUNNING IN THE HALL” says the man as he smiled at us.

I see you guys loved reading chapter 1 and chapter 2. Here is chapter 3 and I hope you guys enjoy it❤️❤️Thank you for love and support

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