Blue eyes (Chapter 2)
Blue eyes (Chapter 2) blue stories

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Chapter 1= It’s Katherine first day of public school! How do you think this day is going to go?😲

Blue eyes (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2 Okay so it’s Monday! And I am very scared cause I’m going to public school, and I don’t know if anyone will like me...but maybe I should stop thinking about that and just get ready. Okay now that I’m done getting ready i need to see what eye color contacts my parents said I have to wear.

“Here sweety your going to wear these Brown eyes color contacts” says my mom. “Okay will do!” I said back, I’m not really sure on how to put them in so I got my phone and searched up. YouTube video to teach me. Goodness I got them in and that took me a long time to do. Eeekkk i touched my eyeball.

Omg that was kinda scary, I touched my freaking eyeball now I am freaking out, but at least I got the eye contact in my eyes, “Hurry sweetie you don’t wanna be late!” My mom yells “But what about breakfast?” I said “They have it at school!” My mom says back. They have breakfast at school? That’s pretty cool! Hopefully they have yummy pancakes!

I got inside the car and my mom drove off. I think I’m going to like it in school maybe. “I packed you a lunch” My mom says “you did? For what?” I said back “For lunch at school” My mom says. “Does all kids have to bring a lunch” I asked, “no I just decided to make you one since you might not like their food” my mom says to me “oh okay” I said back.

Is public school food nasty? Well I don’t wanna find out at least I got a lunch, I wonder what she packed....I guess I will see when I’m at school. We are finally at the school and I am scared it’s so big and people are already looking at me, hopefully they can’t see my blue eyes! Behind these contacts.

Hope you all enjoyed Chapter 2 I will be making Chapter 3 you guys have a nice day and thank you for the love and support ❤️❤️❤️

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