Blue eyes (Chapter 1)
Blue eyes (Chapter 1)  school stories

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Blue eyes (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1 Hey their my name is Katherine I’m 15 years old, I’m very special not mental but something about my eyes catches everyone attention and I don’t really know why. I kinda find it weird (Very weird)

Every time I go some where public people just stare at me than walks up to me asking about my eyes, like “Hey how did you get those type of eyes” I don’t really respond back because well I can’t really explain much. Cause I don’t really know much about my eyes if u ask me.

I keep asking my parents what is special about my eyes for people to keep asking me about them. All they say is “your special darling and I don’t know if you know that but your eyes are gifted” but I still kinda don’t understand. I’m home schooled so life isn’t really fair for me. But something cool is going to happened though.

My parents said I can go to school but I will have to wear eye contacts. I don’t want to but I will have to. If I wanna be a normal person and go to public school I will have to wear eye contacts and I can’t really do much about it. Well I can by saying I don’t want to go to public school but. I need to be out doors.

So I will go to public school tomorrow since it will be Monday. I’m so happy but kinda scared that I won’t make any friends. I becoming a actor to but I don’t know when my parents are going to confirm I can be one. I might become ti famous because of my eyes.

Well guys that’s the end of chapter 1 so if you guys liked this story. I would be gladly happy to make another chapter for you!❤️❤️Stay safe!

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