Isn’t that right By amanda chancellor
Isn’t that right
By amanda chancellor  pain stories

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Isn’t that right

Isn’t that right By amanda chancellor

There’s some sort of unwritten rule that you expect me to know and fully understand About the way we are allowed to communicate — isn’t that right? I text you once, maybe twice, a third time would be lucky— for me—, but You can barely fit it into your day to message back— isn’t that right? You told me once you were afraid to say ‘those three words’ to the one you truly meant it and That’s your only real regret— isn’t that right? You tell me you can’t talk right now because she lived in your dreams last night But that was just an excuse to not have to talk to me— isn’t that right. If you hadn’t admitted you had feelings when I confessed mine about him You wouldn’t be in this mess— isn’t that right. Now that we’ve moved away, you get that space you always talked about and wanted to realize that Staying silent wasn’t your only regret— isn’t that right. You regret the time you spent with me.

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