The Suicide House
The Suicide House comedy stories

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A house haunted by the ghost of a teen that died in 2018...

The Suicide House

The year is 2052 and the Whitney family is on the hunt for a new home after losing their previous one in a house fire. They were your typical family of three.

A husband, a wife, and a young girl aged 14 years. The real estate agent showed them this massive estate with granite counter tops in the kitchen and a pool in the back yard.

They instantly fell in love.

"Now, I am required to warn you." The real estate lady started. "Back in 2018, a teenage girl committed suicide here."

The wife laughed. "As if that has anything to do with the value of the property..." She said as she looked around in awe. "Maria," she called out for her daughter. "What do you think?"

"Oh I don't know, mama. Someone died here..."

"Nonsense. It'll be fine!" She smiled and turned to the real estate agent. "We'll take it!" She said.

Within the next couple days, they had completely moved into their new home. That night Maria settled into bed and closed her eyes.

The room around her was silent other than the low humming sound of her fan.

Just as she started to drift off to sleep, she heard a loud voice yell from the hallway, "YEET!" followed by a loud crashing sound.

She jumped up and ran into the hall to find the table from the living room upside down at the end of the corridor. Panicked, she yelled for her mom.

Her mother came running into the hall and Maria quickly explained what happened.

"Maria," her mother said. "Stop making things up and go back to bed!"

Maria went back to her room sulking and pulled the covers over her head. She was dead asleep when around 3am, she was woken by the sensation of someone breathing on her neck.

She sat up quickly and scanned the room. No one was there. She laid back down, trying to shake the feeling off.

She closed her eyes and in that moment, she heard a voice whisper in her ear, "It's Britney, bitch."

The End.

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