Two Faced.
Two Faced. poem stories
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allmight New here. Just a nerd writing poems.
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A poem about writers block, something that I needed to say before my mind unraveled on its own.

Two Faced.

Hold up there lets talk a second.

What do you mean you just give up on me? It isn't my fault you think you're weak and pathetic and not even trying.

You stare at paper, waiting for it to magically fill. Your fingers are frozen, the gears in your head ain't turnin'. You're a fool to think you can give up on me. Dont you think we went through hell together?

Hear all those lame ass people tell us that we are a joke? That its a phase that we can get through together? What happened to the dream?

The one were you hear your name being talked about your your books are getting action they always fucking needed. But no, you sit there thinking that I am a joke and your done with me.

Just like that, a snap of the fingers is a snap to my neck. You need to be the author and let me create, because if you don't, I guess I will leave you for good my dear old friend of mine.

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