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Please Listen... my truth stories

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Please read til end. Please.

Please Listen...

As much as I despise the mainstream media

One eye and ear stay tuned in to monitor the mania

Lately, rather than a rise in covid-body counts

stories of recovery have begun to mount

I shake my head at the coming truth

Knowing none of this is anything new

Anyone can see without knowing the true history

Which had been rewritten to match the myth of His story

Things will appear to get better in the coming days

The lockdown may even be partially raised

They did the same thing during the third reich

Enjoy the break but keep both hands holding on tight

Unless we see what is happening around us

People will further continue to mistrust

Not the ones who run this global trans-humanist plan

But every other human who was born out of love and compassion

Stop and consider not giving into the manufactured fear that we're kept in

Or we will find everyone we know stuffed into one of the many FEMA coffins.

I don’t write these to scare people, even though the truth is terrifying. I’m a genuine Empath, but have been taking on the fears and anxieties that smog the air; I feel I must do something. Unfortunately, I’m still only human and all I can do is spread this information to those willing to listen. If I could, I’d take on ever virus or disease from everyone if it meant they could live again.

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