BTS Jokes 1/7 As teachers (ONLY A FEW OF THEM!)
BTS Jokes 1/7

As teachers

(ONLY A FEW OF THEM!) comedy stories

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Bye bye my lil aliens!

BTS Jokes 1/7 As teachers (ONLY A FEW OF THEM!)

Suga Jokes

Student: Mr. Min? Suga: What stranger Student: What is this Question? Suga: Okay, Lemme see Student: They changed it up a bit, And its different, Suga: Who would Change Math?! Student: No no its okay Suga: MATH IS MATH! Student: Okay so what is todays lesson?

Suga: WAIT! I didn't introduce myself (Students all look) Suga: Min Yoongi, I Have swag Genius I Think 4 words should be enough (Shrugs) Students: Oh okay NICE TO MEET YOU MR. MIN! Suga: SHHH Student: What is it?

Suga: Listen! Students: I Don't hear anything Suga: Exactly, Now Goodnight!

Jins Joke

Student: Mr. Kim? Jin: Yes sweetie? Student: May you help me on my Notebook? Jin: Is it Pink? Student: N-N-No? Jin: Then not interested! Student: What? Well I am smarter than you And Llamas are way~~ Better then Alpacas!

Jin: Do you hear that? Student: No? Jin: (Laughs) I Think I hear your death wish flying back at you (Smirks) Student: I didn't ask for a death wish? (Jin Slaps her with frying pan) Jin: I Know right cause I am just Coo Coo Haha Right?

Taehyungs Joke

Taehyung: ihespui;sni;snw2skj Students: What? Taehyung: oiuytrfdcvbnjiuytgf Students: What are you talking about? taehyung: jhsbgdhsajidhuygbsh Students: Umm?? Mr. Kim you okay? Taehyung: PAY ATTENION Students: But we had No idea what you we're saying?

Taehyung: I LITERALLY SAID THE PROBLEMS! Students: Umm? Is it nhdgbsnjdhn? Taehyung: OF COURSE NOT! Students: Umm okay? Taehyung: I have a suprise for you close your eyes :) Students: Oh okay! (Closes Eyes)

Taehyung: Open them! Students: See's the board 4-9+4+9+8+5+3+8(Y)= ?? Taehyung: That's what I said! Students: Oh sh*t!

RM's Joke

RM: Okay students What did we learn yesterday? Students: That Jimin doesn't have any jams? RM: Okay so tell me the reasons why he doesn't Student: Umm cause he does have J- RM: SHUT IT HEATHER! Student: heather? Student: My name is Terry

RM: Terry, Jerry, Heather same thing! Students: ....Okay...

Bye bye my lil aliens!

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