Tips on How Not to be a Pyromaniac: A Journal
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Melanie Charles is an average high school student. She has a favorite subject which is science and is bad at some subjects like English and Math. She has a best friend and lives in a nice house with a loving and caring father. She also happened to gain the power to manipulate fire. Yes, Melanie Charles is an average high school student.

Tips on How Not to be a Pyromaniac: A Journal

SEPTEMBER-Journal Entry 1

Dear Journal, or should I say Hey Journal?

I really don't know what to write on this. My dad got me this to "express my thoughts freely" and "spill out all of my secrets".

Dad, the only secrets I keep are where I hide my extra cash and my passwords to online stuff. Not that I'm gonna share my stuff on here.

You never know who could find this journal and could use it as blackmail! Or maybe as material for their stand-up comedy.

Anyways, I should introduce myself. My name is Melanie Charles. I live with my dad in a pretty small apartment in a suburb-like town. I like science, especially experimenting with chemicals.

My dad is a chemist and sometimes teaches me all about chemicals and elements. But he never lets me near his experiments.

Always saying they're too dangerous and I need to be safe and blah blah blah.

But it's science! The risk makes it fun! But one thing for sure is that the experiments that I'll stay away from are the ones with fire. Fire is dangerous and is scary.

Well, I should get ready for school tomorrow. I need to see what else is planned in this second week of school.

Journal Entry 2

Man, being a junior stinks already.

We gotta worry about our grades because college is coming around the corner. Why do colleges care so much about numbers? Numbers don't mean everything.

I hope my 65% in Geometry last semester doesn't mean much. Second, it seems like my former English teacher Ms. Tyler happens to teach advanced English to juniors. She's not a bad person.

She just thinks that I'm not "creatively challenged" enough. Whatever that means.

Third, I already have to write for an essay prompt for my advanced English class. I can memorize all the gas laws but cannot complete a simple prompt. Can't a girl catch a break?

I discuss this prompt with my friend Vivian on getting the drive to do the paper in class. Vivian helps me out as she's there for moral support and entertainment.

She can tell jokes, do impressions, and get herself kicked out of the classroom for talking about bringing her "special" brownies to the classroom. Good ole Vivian.

"It's 'bout something you afraid of. Should be simple!" Vivian exclaimed.

"I know Vivian, but how do I write something about my fear without not wanting to write it?" I asked.

"Should be simple. It's not like yo' paper gonna catch on FI-RE!" Vivian yelled and stood on her chair.

That happened to prompt Ms. Tyler to yell at her to sit down. Classic, Vivian.

"You're right but you don't have to emphasize on the fire part." I sighed.

"Sorry, but maybe it'll give you some inspiration." Vivian said to me.

"Yeah, I guess."

" Well, I hope you get some motivation because I know you can write a good paper. Now if you excuse me." Vivian reached into her little black purse and pulled out something wrapped in foil.

It had to be one of her "special snacks". Vivian may be quite eccentric but she's always been there for me for as long as I been there for her.

From sitting with her at lunch in 6th grade to cruising down the halls in 11th, we will always be there for each other.

I just hope my brain will be there for me when I write about my fear of fire.

Journal Entry 3

I'm at home and I still can't write this stupid essay! What's wrong with me? I need to find some words to put on this paper. I can't just leave it blank. Or maybe I can.

That seems like the better option. Maybe I should see what Dad is doing.

Oh. Dad is not here. There's a yellow sticky note on the table. It reads "Went back at the lab to get some few things. Then I'm off to the grocery store. Meatloaf is in the fridge.

Love you, Dad." Dad even left a small heart with a smiley face on it. Dad, you're so cheesy.

I'll go eat the meatloaf later because I'm not hungry for that.

I'm hungry for something else-that new experiment that Dad has been working on that's in his room! He always conducts the big ones in there for some reason.

I'm surprised he hasn't got sick from those experiments. It's probably unethical to not do them at a laboratory but whatever I guess.

Okay, I'm in his room. This is so exciting to see his experiments without him scurrying me away for my "safety".

You may stop me from going in but you will not stop my curiosity! I see on his table some test tubes and a whole bunch of papers.

These papers have a lot of words that I don't understand but from what I can pick up, it's about humans and elements. Is it to maybe see if humans can control elements? Nah.

That's too crazy to be real. The test tubes have paper taped on them, marked with some advanced scientific jargon that I don't understand. These four test tubes seem to be color-coded. White.

Blue. Green. But the one that stood out to me was the red one.

I don't know why but something was drawing me towards the red one. It's liquid inside probably had this aura that wanted me to get close to it. I probably shouldn't mess with it.

But then I won't know what will happen. Maybe I can just take a little peek inside. Yeah, just a peek. That won't do any harm.

The note attached to the test tube was interesting. It read "Can help or can hurt. The choice is on one."

I never thought philosophy would be in a science experiment but alright. I opened it and wafted the little cloud that came out of the test tube. It doesn't have a smell yet a cloud came out.

Huh. I poured a drop on my pointer finger and the drop absorbed in my skin.

Wait. Why did it absorb?

I poured more on to my finger which ended up spilling to my hand. Oops. But that liquid also got absorbed!

Well. I don't feel anything harmful. It must be harmless. I wonder if I can drink it?

Well, there's no taste. But I suddenly feel hot in my throat. Like real hot. Is it spicy? No, my throat is burning. I gotta go to a sink quick! The kitchen I go!

Journal Entry 4


I can't believe what just happened.

I saw it with my two eyes.

I witnessed it come out of me.

Out of my mouth.

And on to the sink.

It was real. It was there.

It was fire.

I'm not crazy. Yet. But I swear I'm not making this up. Trust me, with all the lies I told Ms. Tyler about not finishing my homework, I know when something is made up. But this. Is. Real.

I was getting a drink of water to cool down my throat. However, I started to cough very bad. I went to the sink because I felt something was gonna come out. And boy, something did.

That something was a miniature flame onto the stainless steel sink! When I screamed and went to reach for the faucet, the fire went to my hands!

I was waving them trying to stop them from trying to burn the kitchen down. But I thought I was gonna burn alive in my own home.

That was until the flame fizzled out of my hand.

I looked at my hands. The burn marks from the flame were healing as rapidly as the flame disappeared. Not only that, the smoke also set off the smoke alarm. But that should've been expected.

What shouldn't have been expected were flames coming out of my body!

What will I do? What will I say to Dad? What will Dad think of this?

I'm on the bus on the way to school as I write this. Dad has been asking me if I was okay because I was acting strange. I didn't even touch the meatloaf in the fridge.

What is really strange is that he hasn't mentioned anything about his experiment in the room.

Well I guess I shouldn't worry about that now. Now what I have to worry about is what lie should I tell Ms. Tyler on why I haven't finished that fear essay.

Should I say that a random dog ate my essay? Nah, too cliche. It got mistaken as trash and my dad threw it away? It could work. Or maybe it accidentally got burned in the firepl-

No. No fire jokes. Now is not the time. Trash excuse it is.

Maybe Vivian can help me.

Journal Entry 5

Well, this was interesting.

I walked by Vivian trying to make a mini bonfire near one of the school's gardens. The fact that there were no teachers by me was disappointing but not surprising.

I just think they are tired with students' antics, especially Vivian's.

"Vivian, what are you doing." I asked.

"Just making a bonfire to represent my feelings towards the school system." Vivian nonchalantly stated. I peaked what was in her "tinder nest".

Some paper resembling algebra work, a book report on "Grapes of Wrath", some world history worksheets, a Spanish worksheet with a lot of red ink on it,

a syllabus to what I'm assuming to be an economics class, and...a whole physics textbook?

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Why the textbook?" I cried.

"Physics is confusing and hard. It will hurt the youth's brain." Vivian said as if that should've already been known.

"Well don't waste a good textbook that cost a lot of money." I pulled the textbook quickly out of the tinder nest.

Vivian should be more responsible and think about what trouble she could get into.

"Well you do a got a point. You are always the rational on one." At least me and Vivian can agree on that.

"Now I need something to light this thing." Vivian said.

And then the next thing happened that both me and Vivian were shocked to see.

As I went to stretched out my right arm, a small flame flew from my hand and onto Vivian's junk. The junk was soon on fire, with smoke even seeping through and in the air.

Vivian's jaw dropped along with mine.

"How did-Did your-Was that real-..." was all Vivian could have said.

"Look I can explain..."

"No need! That is awesome! You can do so much, no, we can do so much!" Vivian grabbed my hand and took me inside the school. I asked her where were we going.

"I know someone who can help out your talent. I think you're gonna love this." Vivian gleefully stated.

I hope so. I'm glad to see my friend happy. But as I hear sirens in the background, something tells me that now, things were gonna get chaotic.

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