I fell.

                     I fell. romance stories
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alanarachel Wattpader, Dreamer & Aspiring Author
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a love that ignores boundries

By: alana rachel

I fell.

by alana rachel

i fell for him at age six.

i fell for him again when he gave me my first kiss.

when my father died, i fell into his arms because he was there.

he loved me anyway.

i fell for him again the night we got engaged and that truck came out of nowhere.

but he stayed with me.

even when no one else saw him.

i fell. and i kept falling.

until he left me.

i fell for her when she snuck out her window

i fell for her at our first dance and she let me kiss her.

when she was grieving and needed me, i was there and i fell.

i fell in my last moment, as that truck came out of nowwhere.

i stayed with her when I shouldn't have, because i had fallen.

when she met him, she fell again.

i loved her and i left her, because she needed me to.

because they fell.

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