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Three years ago, it was the day before her wedding

*Sequal to "Is Honesty the Best Policy?" So I'd suggest reading that first if you haven't already*

Honesty is the Best Policy

Three years ago, it was the day before her wedding

My best friend was about to get married to a man who made her feel "okay"

When I was sure I could make her feel love that she'd never felt before

I almost didn't say anything

I almost let her marry him

But instead, I told her

Told her how I'd been in love with her for the past five years, and hadn't said anything

I told her how when I looked into her eyes I saw nothing but her, her, her for the next thousand years

Told her that I know your maid of honor isn't supposed to tell you she loves you on the day before your wedding

But that I figured honesty was the best policy

"Speak now, or forever hold your peace, right?" She asked me

I just nodded

I figured she would ask me not to be in the wedding, that we'd have to talk later

But she did something else instead

She kissed me

It wasn't a "sweet" kiss

It was a "passionate, my world is ending and yours is too, but I think I love you so I'm not letting go" kiss

It was one of those kisses where you pull away, breathless, but hardly take a breath because you don't want to stop, so you kiss again

and again

and again

When we finally stopped kissing, she looked at me with tears in her eyes

"Ashley." She whispered, voice cracking on my name

I opened my arms to her and she fell into them

She sobbed against my chest for a long time

I just held her, not quite knowing what to do

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, I asked

"Please just be honest. Do you feel the same way I do?"

She hesitated a moment, her sniffling stopped

She looked up into my eyes with those gorgeous blue eyes still wet with tears

"Yes." she whispered

I kissed her then, all over her face

She closed her eyes and let me soothe her, leaning all her weight against me

I was more than happy to hold her up

She opened her eyes at long last, and asked

"So what do we do?"

I thought a moment

"Well, what do you want to do?" I asked

She looked down at her left hand

An engagement ring sparkled there

It was beautiful, in a cookie-cutter way

But it so wasn't her style

I'd always pictured her in a beautiful, delicate, vintage ring

Not this giant, shiny, expensive piece of metal

Ever so slowly, she lifted her hand

She grasped the ring, and pulled it off her finger

Then, she set it on the bedside table.

I was astonished

Was she really going to leave him, just like that?

All I had to do was ask?

Why the hell hadn't I done that years ago?

I wanted to kick myself.

"I need to tell Ben." She said, flatly

I could see that she was really just trying not to cry.

"I know." I whispered, pressing my lips to her bare shoulder as a tear traced down her cheek

Then she put on her robe, and left the hotel room

Ben was staying across the hall.

I don't know what she said to him, but she was gone for a couple hours.

While I waited, I packed up our bags, then unpacked hers, then packed it again

I wasn't sure what the right thing to do was

Finally, she came back, eyes swollen from crying

"I told him" she whispered,

I opened my arms for her, and she fell into them again.

"What do you want to do?" I asked, once more

She had finally stopped crying

A smile appeared on her face, and I could've burst just looking at her

"I'm not getting married tomorrow." She said

I nodded

"I want to do what I always wanted to do with you. Travel the world." She told me

I beamed at her

"There's nothing I'd love more" I answered, interlocking my fingers with hers

She pulled me closer and kissed me again

And then we booked our tickets to Italy

We were fresh out of college then, no ties anywhere

And we've spent the last three years living in various countries, working various jobs, and falling deeper and deeper in love

Every morning that I wake up next to her I feel like it's a dream

And every night when I curl up beside her I feel like I'm in heaven

And we're so passionately in love

I never get bored of being with her

Every moment is an adventure when I'm with my best friend

Even though we've been together for three years, we are still deeply and passionately in love

And I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her

We're getting married tomorrow

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