The unexpected landing
The unexpected landing not-as-planned stories

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The educational survival..

The unexpected landing

Looking at the mirror getting ready for the flight to go to our home town on my vacations..

A voice from down stairs... "Are you ready Meera?" My mom asked from the kitchen..

Packing my stuff in hand bag taking my suitcase I went downstairs..

Dad waiting in the car..blowed the horn and asking us to come faster, as we had to reach the airport before time.

Me and my mom locking all the doors and windows.. checking all the switches and just finishing all the essential works to be done before locking the main door and putting the keys in hand bag, after finishing all the work we rushed towards the car..

We took our seats in car, after putting our luggage, putting on the seatbelts all ready to go.. dad starts to drive the car.. We are now heading towards the airport..

On the way there was a traffic jam caused by a truck taking a took approx 15 min. for the truck to take that turn.

It took one and half hour for us to reach the airport.. At airport we gone through various check-ins.. Took the boarding passes and went to the gate where there is the enterence of the plane...

I was very excited for the flight so looking at my excitement my mom gave me the chance to sit near window.. The view out of the window after the take off was amazing...

From up there all the building's where looking small n all houses where smaller...and people and cars where as small as ants..

After a while whole view changed...there was just water underneath us.... It was beautiful... I even noticed a ship unloading on the bank..

Then suddenly turbulence occurred in the plane... a bird accidentally bumped into the engine..which lead to the engine failure..

There was a need of emergency landing or else the plane would crash so pilot made announcement to fasten the seat belts and to get ready for all the circumstances.. Few people were having problem to they where using oxygen masks to be able to breathe...

There was an Island underneath us..the pilot tried very hard to land the plane on this unnamed island... The plane was shaking, this all was a very terrific experience.. I was so scared, I hugged my mom tightly and my parents where helding each other's hand, even they where scared..

Then the plane crashed into the small trees and had a tough landing.. The pilot tried to contact the nearby station but wasn't able to because of the lost signal.

The emergency exits where opened then passengers where asked to leave the plane one by one... everyone was trying to search for a shelter, food, drinking water and where looking for radio or EPRB device if it is possible to get... For which the chance where only 5% that to very fortunately possible..

A cave was found which can easily hold up to 50 people's...and luckily there was even a water fall nearby... There may also be few wild animals we hurried into the cave...

Tried to collect dry firewoods and few people went to the lake to fetch enough water in the water bottles bought by the airhostesess and also to catch some fishes for the food.

One person knew about the herbs and berries which where consumable.. he collected those berries and herbs for emergency..

It was turning dark airhostesess tried to lit the fire in the cave. The people went in search of food and to bring water to drink also returned back. They put all the water to boil to make it safe for drinking.

On one side mom and few other ladies where cooking the fishes, few gent's were finding a way to make the cave safer and comfortable to live that to keeping in mind of the wild animals.. They managed to make a barrier for the animals so that they can't reach us...

Managing the place safer to live they returned back to where all other passengers were.. They also bought some dead leaves to make some bedding for the kids..

The food was served and everybody ate the food.. the taste of the freshly caught fish was unforgettable and even the experience was the same.. I guess no one amongst us will ever forget the experience.

It was night time I was not feeling sleepy so I was just laying on the floor and I noticed that few people where guarding the caves... And while others where sleeping... Few people were snoring there noise was echoing thought the caves giving me the shrills from depth within..

Then the people guarding exchange there duties with others from th sleeping.. Then I don't know when but I slept.. When I woke it was already morning.. few babies where crying which made me awake.

I went to my mom asking about my dad.. She told me that he went with the pilot to make some fire outside to give signal to the helicopter with passed away a minute before.. I also heard the sound but though that it was a dream, but after my mom told me about it then I was relieved..

An hour or so passed away, there was the sound of helicopter in the air which bring the sound of great relief in everyone's voice.

The helicopter managed for the landing and also contacted for many other helicopters for the rescue operation. There were many people waiting for there rescue.

My family was also setting our flight in helicopter. Then we reached the nearby relief camp. Then the officers over there contacted the higher officials and told them about us.

Then the higher officials sent a bus which bring us back to the airport where we were again set the board to another flight to our home town.. That they when we reached are home we realised the relief and comfort of reaching home... That relief was like reaching home after years..

In fact the time spend there was very educational and some what enjoyable.. but when our one day of travel turned into five days... It was fun but exhausting at the same time..

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