Super Sisters
Super Sisters fantasy stories
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Super Sisters

Firstly I would like to tell you about our. We were also given title " The Three Sisters" . All of us has different colour of eyes . I am the oldest one having purple eyes my name is Rose. My second sister is having blue eyes her name is Marin. My third sister has grey eyes her name is Pearl.

It was very unfortunate that we three of us didn't knew anything about our parents or family as if we all lost our memories of our previous life when we met each other. So we decided to stay together..

For living a better life we used to work in different places. We used to stay in dorms and also had our food in our public school. We all were always bullied by others because of our eyes and our looks. All girls used to hate us. So we never made good friends in school. But we were all ok with it, as we used to get each others support.

We sisters used to care for each other. We tried to earn enough money for living a better life. I used to work in a hotel as waitress. My second sister worked in shoe shop. And my third sister used to work in library. We sometimes even fed the street dogs and cats. We used to take care of them, give them a bath, cutting there nails etc. They were a part of our family.

One day early morning when we three woke up on the noise of the growling dogs. We opened the windows and tried to look at the matter of the dogs behaviour, we noticed an old lady standing at the corner of the road staring towards us as if she knew us and when we asked her about her, she started moving in different direction and then she looked back and asked us to follow her.

We looked each other with an amazement and asked each other asked about that lady but nobody amongst us knew about her. But after a serious discussion we decided to atleast go down and talk to her. So we went downstairs, went towards the lady and asked her who is she and does she knows us.

She smiled looking at us and told us to follow her. But we declined her. She told was to trust on her and she also wanted us to follow her and she started walking in different direction. We, having no other option, took the risk to follow her. Our hands and legs shaking our of fear but still support each other holding hands walked together and followed her to a small house.

She invited us in we sat on the sofa near the fireplace. Sitting very close to each other, having fear in our minds, our back gave us the shrills. We were scared and nervous at a same time. The lady went into to search something, asked us to wait for her. We started noticing the dream catcher on the wall, flowers out in the window frame, fruits on the table and much more.

Looking at the things nearby gave us some relief and we were feeling better than before. She put it on the table in front of us bringing back our distracted minds to take a try looking whats in the box, makes us curious to know about it. We asked the lady to let was know about this box and how it is related to us.

She told us that she will tell us everything but we needed to be patient. She started opening the box. There was some staff in the box she emptied the box slowly infront of us. There were three different small wands in different colours which matches our eyes .

She looked at us and give us that wands matching our eyes. When we held it properly the wand shined and the light of it scattered all around the place. After helding it we flew in the air few feets up the ground. Our dresses changed our hairstyles changed. I was wearing a purple gown dress and a tiara with purple and pink gems on it. My hair in a very long braided tail , it reaches my ankles.

My second sister was wearing a blue gown with her hair tied up in a bun and a tiara or her head. Her tiara had different shades of blue stone on it. Her skin started to look some what like scales. She was looking like a mermaid princess. The blue really suits her the most.

My third sister was wearing a light grey gown and a silver tiara. Her hair were not tied but they were dark grey in color. Her silver tiara shined like a mood in the night sky.

Our changes were so magical , we were wishing that it cannot be turned into a dream, and if it is a dream then we don't want to wake up. We were so happy that we forgot about the old lady. My mind came our of the glamour to search the lady. She was going towards a room and told us to follow her. We followed her to that room there was a magical entrance in there.

There was a very beautiful place in there, it was all like a dream. We asked the old lady about the place. To our amazement, the old lady changed after entering the place, and our gowns changed into dresses and we didn't noticed that I was having a tail and wings, marin was having a tail, and pearl was having a pair of wings. The old lady turned into a young lady having a decent pair of wings.

She asked me to give a pair of wings to Marin , I looked at her and asked how it is possible, she told me to move my hands pointing towards Marin and imagine her having wings. I did the same I was asked to do. Marin also got a pair of wings, the lady said her not to be happy as they were just temporary, she asked us to follow her.

After few time flying in the air we reached near a place. She took us near the place, it was huge and very beautiful. There was a river flowing through the palace , many guards surrounding the palace. We followed the lady to the entrance of the palace. Marin changed into a mermaid and went into the water I changed unexpectedly into a human again, without wings or tail.

We entered a big hall Marin swam along with us. There were many fairies and mermaids over there looking at us with there welcoming eyes. We walked towards the throne in the other side of enterence. There were three thrones over there one at ground level touching the river of mermaids. Having a shell sign on it.

On the other side another one with a wing sign on it. And the middle one having shell and a wing sign on it. The lady told us that those were our thrones and we were the princesses. Our eyes widely opened with the shock or amazement. We pinched ourselves to check whether it is reality or a dream. But this all turned into a reality. We three marched towards the throne.

The lady told us not to sit on before the coronation ceremony. We were guided towards our room to get ready for the ceremony. We all got ourselves ready for ceremony guided by maids towards the throne hall. We were now standing in front of our thone. Hearts beating faster, crowns where there infront of us waiting for us to wear it.

Then we were told about our duties and responsibilities. And after that Marin was crowned as the queen of marine and oceans. Pearl was crowned as queen of the sky kingdom. And finally I got crowned as the Duchess of land, sea and water. I was the only one in the whole kingdom who was given magical powers to help people and that is why I was having wings and a tail at a same time and I can also turn myself into a human.

We now remember that how we had lost our memories, I was going to the land to change myself into human and to experience the life there. After knowing the risk of losing my memory on land and getting it back when I return to the palace and re-crowning will return my memory, I went there and my sister's also followed me after requesting a thousand of times.

That is how we returned back with my power increasing. We three sisters now rule three kingdoms each..and making our people life a joyful life. The End..

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