Hidden Solider Part- I
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Part One..

Hidden Solider Part- I

This story is about a king who runs four kingdom under his thrown he had two beautiful daughters but with different wives , elder one named Alex and younger one named Lisa.

Alex was kind of brave and strong girl who has learned to be knight form her father. She was the beauty of the kingdom a man can fall in love on the first look.

After her mother died her father was the only person who she was loved and cared by... She was the best for her father soldiers.

She liked her freedom, with the permission of father she used to go to all the villages under there kingdom to see how the people used to live under there kingship,

She had the best knowledge about the kingdom and its people. But nobody outside the palace knew her true identity. Whenever se went to villages she used to wear a veil to hide her identity.

Lisa on other hand was like her mother, she always liked to dress up and get ready for the tea parties, she was weak in the question of martial arts more of a girly type her mother always wanted her to be on the thrown.

Her mother never liked Alex as she knew that the king wanted her to be the successor of the thrown. Lisa and the queen both used to torcher Alex a lot. They liked to humilate her in front of there servants.

Lesa was always jealous of Alex about her looks everyone in the kingdom used to talk about her beauty. The servants always wanted to report there behavior to the king but Alex never allowed them to do that.

She used to go out of the palace wearing a veil and live within the villagers where she got the love and care of the villages as they knew her as there saver. She always fought for them and took care of there needs. She used to help old couples in there farms, she used to take care of there cattle's.

So the villagers used to respect her and love her a lot. On the other hand Lesa, she never used to like to go to villages, she even treated the servants very badly. Lesa was very cruel to them who helped Alex.

One day.. the king got a letter form the other kingdom, the letter was written by one of his best childhood friend.

He wrote in the letter that his son is now in the age of marriage so he asked the king for any of girls he knew who would be good for the prince.

The king thought of Alex at once after reading the letter, but he knew that Lesa had a crush on the prince since childhood. So he wrote a letter to his friend telling him about his daughter Lesa.

One week later another letter came, the king opened the letter and read that the prince was coming to see Lisa in the account of marriage. After reading the letter the king was shocked....

To be continued..

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