coffee shop ->-> y.m.
coffee shop ->-> y.m. bts stories

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in which yoongi meets jimin at a coffee shop.

coffee shop ->-> y.m.

"your order will be right up, please come when your number is shown on the screen," half-groaned jimin as he passed the customer the order ticket and told one of his colleagues and friend,

hoseok, to start preparing the order. putting on a forced smile, jimin went back to the counter to take more orders, heaving a sigh or relief when he realised that there was no one there. yet.

at least he could have a short break.

looking down at his phone, he saw one new message from taehyung.

tae tae 😩✊🏻💖: don't rant abt work today

tae tae 😩✊🏻💖: jeongguk's here and i'm abt to get some of that d 👅💦

jimin scoffed to himself. ever since the two had started dating, they had been disgustingly sweet (and dirty) with each other.

thinking of the two, jimin's face unknowingly broke out into a fond smile.

"excuse me? park jimin right? may i place my order?" a voice came from in front of him.

jimin looked up upon hearing his name, and that's when he saw him. a handsome-no, scratch that-an extremely handsome boy with skin as pale as paper stared at him with brown cat eyes.

"h-hello. what may i get you?" jimin coughed out, not needing to look at a mirror to see that his face was red as a tomato.

the boy looked at jimin, amused. "one iced americano, please." jimin nearly got hard at that. how can a voice be so alluring?

"r-right. that'll be 2200₩," jimin managed to choke out. "may i know your name?" jimin asked, hastily scribbling his number and a small message on his receipt before passing it to the boy.

"my name is min yoongi. it's nice meeting you, park jimin." yoongi said while reading the writing on the receipt, smirking. jimin's face visibly flushed once again.

was it even legal to look that hot while smirking?

"will you be working here at this time again tomorrow?" yoongi asked.

jimin nodded his head eagerly. "i'm here every weekday at this time."

"i'll see you tomorrow then. i'll call you later!" yoongi smiled a wide gummy smile before going to his seat.

jimin's face reddened again, smiling back and waving at yoongi before going to the couple ordering next.

maybe working at this place won't be so boring anymore.

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