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First chapter of a book I am writing on wattpad go check it out my username is afroarran.

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On The Run

by Afroarran (on wattpad)

I woke up to the sound of my annoying alarm clock knowing it was time to get up there was something diferent about today something that made me feel more powerful but i just shrugged it off

and threw my backpack out of my bedroom window following behind it trying to avoid a encounter with my foster parents i picked up my bag and strolled to school i have no friends at school or

in general i always felt like a outsider so I made my way to school I had just walked through the gates when  i heard someone calling my name "Jason" what do you want Jen "i wanted to make

sure you knew about tonight's full moon dance"i think i will blow it off thanks for the offer though i walked away the rest of the day was uneventful as most days where i was almost 100% sure

i had not talked to anyone since i spoke to jen this morning although i was not bothered by it i just kept walking i must have walked a different way because i was back at the house before

it was 10 past notice how i said the house not home it's because this place isn't really home i hate it hear my foster parents are never around which is better than when they are because

when they are around its always "do your homework"

"Stop being a waste if space" they only keep me around because its too much paperwork to get rid of me i climbed up a drainpipe and back throughout my bedroom window dumped my bag and

went back out the window for a parkour session it was the one thing i was great at and it helped to clear my head i looked down at my watch "crap I'm going to be late for work" the school

was making everyone in my year do work experience i had a uncle not a biological uncle but we got along he owned a pizza joint near my house i got payed £15 a hour and it wasn't that popular

for deliveries so all i had to do was show up and take pizzas to tables i knew there was a roof exit so i started running across the roofs of buildings untill i saw the vibrant sign that

said tonys pizza funnily my uncles name was jake but as he says "jakes pizza doesn't sound as good as tonys pizza" i jumped onto the roof of the building and opened the door of

the roof entrance ran down the stairs and put on my aprin and said "im hear only 2 minuites late new record" and my uncle called "it might be less late but it is still late" i then saw

across the room a person it was Jen "Jen what are you doing hear i thought you had to go to that full moon party thing" she replied with "i do but i was passing and I decided to drop in and

say hi" i then said "alright what can i get you" "nothing oh god hide me" i asked curiously "what from who" she answered with "my ex" i then responded quickly "follow me there is

a back door" "thank you jason will i see you at the full moon party" i thought about this very hard but decided it was safe to say "i will drop by if i can get time off work"

she replied "ok hope to see you there" I quickly got back to work i saw my uncle and asked if I could get time off work to go to the full moon party he said yes i hung up my aprin and walked

to the school my school have litteraly no rules this party was loud as anything people will be howling at the moon before it even rises i thought then i felt a sharp pain

In my head but i shrugged it off as i assumed it was the really loud music i walked inside the school and along to the hall where the music was i could not tell for the life of me what song

was playing all i knew was that i needed to get a drink so I wandered the hall for a good 5 minutes before i managed to find a drink i drank it all in one and thought to myself why is

everyone having fun I'm bored out of my mind then i saw her there was Jen the whole reason i was there and to be honest i don't even know why i agreed to go how was it so easy for me to say

no this morning but I couldn't say no again but i guess it was fate because what happened next would change my life for better or for worse


Hey guys this is a little teaser for more head over to wattpad my username is afroarran

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