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Of what use are leaders, if they cannot lead us.

Fed with lies, the society erupts.

Brainwashed with false promises.

More jobs, better roads and a roof above.

No more black money, no more hiding.

Everyone in the nation will get equal treatment.

They are lured in like a pied piper lures sheep.

Their atrocious past makes no one lose sleep.

The common public elects these snakes,

In hopes that they'll hold true to their word no matter what it takes.

As time goes by, and the leaders sit idle,

The public realises its mistake.

But, by then, it's too late.

Now their women are getting raped,

Their children are taken hostage,

And the men are burnt at stakes.

Now their money is being laundered,

Their roads are still the same,

The mirage of fake promises fades.

No new jobs, no more houses, all of it a glam sham to cover up the slaughterhouses.

These so called leaders with grand agendas,

All of them with two sided propagandas,

They have no remorse for the dead along the border,

All they care about is who follows their order.

These leaders we elected out of hope and goodwill,

All this time they wanted to curb our freewill.

We were blind as bats, unaware of their intentions,

Hurling us all at each other from different directions.

Now let's open our eyes to these massacres,

These schemers and drug traffickers,

These money loiterers, land and power exploiters,

God give us the strength to overturn these soul feeders.

After all, of what use are leaders,

If they cannot lead us.

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