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afiqjuan Summation of awe
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by afiqjuan

I Run.

I run to the safest place in the world: the most volatile of plains. I come undone, to unfold. My heart beating in the open, breaking in the open.

My heart still races.

Muscles untie from my bones. Actions, taken from my soul. My mind running, in the same place but moving. My heart still races.


Though this may sound like defeat. Yet it’s me defying pain. ‘Cause pain will kick you in and leave you buckled on your knees.

Still Running.

‘Cause pain will punch down, uppercut around, and fallen is where you would be. But I’m still running.

My mind chasing after my racing heart.

My mind, chasing after my racing heart. Bones action-less, but my legs take flight upon the strengths of mental imposition. That another day will go by, that another day needs me and so do I.

Do as the romans did.

No one needs this, not you, not I. But it is here, placed upon the very barrels of the earth. But do we fear it? We must do like the very Romans did:

Here is your evil, now slay it.

Grab it by its neck and throw it upon the stage, “Here is your evil, now slay it!”

There are things more important than fear.

Is the emotional position to tell fear, “I’ll top that with courage”. Only because there are things more important than fear.

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