One more try... -Aena banerjee :)
One more try...

                        -Aena banerjee :) emotions stories

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just a small message for u

One more try... -Aena banerjee :)

I just wanna say u something maybe its gonna help u out in some way.Just remember,we cant hold onto things,longer than they are meant to be held.

Sometimes you have to let it go ,no matter how hard you tried to hold it.

But just for that thing which did brought you in this condition today,dont stop yourself from anything........

coz remember if you keep staring at the moon,you will lose the sight of the stars.

You know what its not that attachments are bad its just that you have to do it with the right person and then you see how beautiful your bond becomes, because that makes you think about

that person so much and care a little more than you usually do ^_^.Yeah someone thinks its better to be alone,but its bliss to be with real people you know.

They will make you realize such a paradise this world can be.They will make you realize there's light within you even in your darkest hours.

They will never notice your flaws even if you are so imperfect,instead they will make you fall in love with yourself more and more.

Just like the petals protect the buds so tenderly they will protect your soul so that you dont get another scar.

They will hold onto you so beautifully,

without even letting you know and you will get that vibe that they are not pretending coz every freakin time you keep thinking the same thoughts that make you dead inside ,

they will let you out of that and make you feel alive and you know what ironically the truth is they are like this today coz earlier at one point of time they had been broken like u :").

Then why not letting these people to enter your life,why are you making yourself so lonely that even thousands of friend's doesnt bother to you now,your loneliness does strike so hard!

All this because of that one mistake naaah just give one more try to your life worst to worst it will be again one more mistake,

you will again fall apart but someone someday will fall for the way you hold yourself when everything falls apart and believe me after so much of suffering when you will get the result which

you did deserve, it will be something magical cause you will not leave even one stone unturned to make it perfect:")....

so i just wanted to deliver this message to you addy open up your arms,

take all those incredible things ,life gives to you and hold it so tightly that it can never escape and just let those worst things vanish by letting them go:)

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