My Childhood!!! BY:Aena Banerjee
My Childhood!!!

   BY:Aena Banerjee childhood stories

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when u dont have mom and dad childhood does strike hard!This poem is my entry to the poetry battles round 1 (theme:childhood stories)

My Childhood!!! BY:Aena Banerjee

All my childhood memories when i try to refresh back,

Its nothing more than a nightmare!love,cuddles,tenderness,everything it lacks.

As i try to remember what happened to me when i was a child,

A gust of wind did mess up my hair and chill did ran down my spine,making my imagination go wild.

After i was born i was left in a chaos this is what people say,

Near a dusty wooden block of a lane i did lay.

No one could make out what to do with me,

I was such an unlucky child that was all that they could see!

All the sound did subside after a while,

Because finally it was decided that i would be left in an orphanage,but i had parents right?was my bond with my mother so fragile?

My destiny did hit me so hard,that i got no one whom i could say mom and dad.

A lap of a mother where peace of any child lies, and that protecting shield of a father which is the strength of every child,all this i just wish i too had :")

But that caretaker of the orphanage,her beautiful,unselfish spirit shines out like a bright star in the night of a dark and cruel age.

I was so vulnerable back then, how could my parents leave me like that and go away? this harsh truth still fills me with rage....

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