lost without u..... -Aena Banerjee
lost without u.....

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this is all about losing a person whom u did love the most..:')

lost without u..... -Aena Banerjee

Self love was all i wanted to do

But i fell in love with you and that's an issue

One night out there some secrets we did share

To acclaim to u that i loved u i wish I could dare.. Were we meant to be lovers ? i doubted!!!!!

You are one of my close friends you shouted

You loved someone else i knew :")

To all these feelings i wanted to bid adieu

My soul was a vagabond it looked upto u fr shelter^_^

Your eyes were deep enough,i knew i would get lost sooner or later

I just wish my memory never fades away from ur mind.....

I loved u so badly you couldn't see it?were u so blind?

I don't want your love in return your presence is enough for me

You are yourself a struggler of love that is all i can see

Somewhere down the memory lane when you remember my name:")

Someday you will surely regret of losing me and will have tht same pain .........

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