Forever your girl... -Aena banerjee
Forever your girl...

          -Aena banerjee romance stories

aenabanerjee passionate writer.....
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its about two persons who were meant for each other

Forever your girl... -Aena banerjee

Undying emotions was all that was needed

To meet as if from generations the souls pleaded

It was a night were both were caught in the desire of their own

With the promise of heat and light the air moaned

One minute her eyes were like peat smoke,and the next clear as a lake

And his eyes were like fiery balls filled with passion as if all that she possessed he could easily take

It seemed like an illusion and their bodies were set in fusion

Soft lights and quite music set the mood

The gray drizzling rain which hissed at the windows made the moment soo good

Flickering candles,the muted chink of crystal and silver,the low murmur of voices lit the night

The air heavy with the sweetness of the wild roses made the ambience light

When the early sky lightened slowly from black to misty blue

They were made for each other this was the only thing they knew....

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