Connection..#Chapter 1 By:Aena Banerjee
Connection..#Chapter 1

      By:Aena Banerjee emotions stories

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well this is CONNECTION #Chapter 1 keep an eye on my page if u did like it ,too see the entire sequel.

Connection..#Chapter 1 By:Aena Banerjee

Standing near the window she was gazing at the sky and she did feel something ominous hangs in the winter air,a darkness and trepidation that well matches her mood.

She was lost in these thoughts when she heard a sudden knock on the door and to her surprise she found alex there ,looking at her in an unusual way.

Well it was after five years ,she was again seeing him, for a minute she kept on staring at him, observing his each and every detail.

He had Cocoa skin,soulful dark eyes,exotic features,and brilliant tattoos over his exposed muscular arms.

She met his gaze again,caught in the dark eyes that seemed both warm and wary!A rush of excitement sent color to her cheeks and she tore her gaze from his.

She couldn't make out what was it about him that filled her with such a feeling of contentment and excitement at the same time

Alex did pat her head now and exclaimed with a sigh what's this silence all about?

i thought you would be bubbling with happiness seeing your love after such a long time and with much anticipation i was waiting for that!

Without a second thought she rushed to him and hugged him tightly, this was the first time they were so close.

The way his lips lingered and the feel of his warm breath on her neck sent a thrill of excitement through her body.

She squeezed her eyes shut and prayed that romantic thoughts would cease to invade her newfound paradise.

But within a flash of a second he threw her away ,and said her something which did turn her world upside down!

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