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its a peace collab by some amazing writers :)lets spread some peace around us,we need it the most!


SPECIAL THANKS TO! @orcastogether @jbo @coral_writes09 @manticore74 @riverfr0zen

Peace is a bittersweet taste.

There is no peace without war in the first place.

Echoes of peace across the land stretches back decades.

People forget the gravity of war and the peace sign is like charades.

If we remember the bloodshed and sorrowful tales of the veterans.

It will remind us to love one another and serve humanities betterment.

A weeping old man and century old widows.

Within their heart peace glows.

For they remember a world of wars.

For them and the future we must elevate the cause.

For peace.


Peace is the sky, painted blue, dotted with clouds of white

Peace is the stars, twinkling smiles, that light up the darkest night

Peace is the air, tainted with kindness, fresh and breezily pure

Peace is saying "I love you," and knowing that you are sure

Peace is knowing wherever you are, there's a place where you belong

Peace is a harmony, with other people, helping you sing your song

Peace is sorrow, but also knowing that one day it'll disappear

Peace is looking into the water, and seeing that it is clear

Peace is the people, giving and giving, still with more joy to spare

Peace is treading through life with grace, head high without a care

Peace is love, within us all, that brightens the darkest heart

Peace is us, humans of this world, when nothing could pry us apart


we fight and we die,

we cheat and we lie.

we sit and we pray,

for another day.

for peace, we cry,

as another is killed.

it's for peace they die,

on their blood we rebuild.

when will what we have ever suffice,

when we cry peace will we look at the price ?


You'll take a stroll if there's a wave,

only the Universe to save.

A little safe space from entropy's embrace

in our time, as we pass our days;

Every body, every soul, searching for some peace

before all our particles separate.


Make this world a better place...

Rather than focusing on the external view try to delve deeper inside you are gonna find peace there,

Rather than indulging in a war,lend a friendly hand, an equation of friendliness is very rare.

Stare at the night sky that enigma of the stars will bring peace to your heart for sure,

A person who gets satisfaction in the smallest things of his life and whose mind is so void of desires, would be so pure.

Rather than expecting things,learn to give more that's how inner peace will recide into you!

Treat every person as you want yourself to be treated,peace will be in the air because love will grow then and hatred will bid adieu.

Just drop your ego for once and give a smile back you will find peace in the other person's face ,

Make this world a better place to live so stop distinguishing between cast,creed and race.


Arms to Hug

Peace by peace, I'm stacking up violence.

What they can't hear, is my silence.

It's new year's eve, I can hear the sirens blaring.

Cuffing me up, while they hear my bones cracking.

Darkness all around, enveloping me like a blanket.

All I need is, one ray of sunshine, through the dim night.

When all I crave is one speck of light,

One speck of peace and life.

I know life's not all cupcakes and rainbows.

But for one second if I could believe in the impossible.

It would be peace all around,

Love for all, hatred for none.

Where we spread arms to hug, not just for guns.


thanks guyzz fr participating in this collab i love u all ^_^

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