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Men are romantics, too. Check out his chapter about the sexy Chase Waters and his woes about meeting the love of his life. The full novel, Finally Home by Brook Lynn Dorcent, can be found in print or Kindle on Amazon. Happy ready and please comment. I'd love to hear from you!

One Never Knows

Chase walked into Kyle's office without knocking and regretted it the minute the door pushed open.

If Kyle's wife was there, it was a strong possibility Chase would have to witness displays of affection.

That was the thing about being the single brother with two brothers that were completely and totally in love with their wives.

Most days, he had a reprieve with Michael and his wife Lily. They were reserved. Kyle and Vaughn, however, couldn't keep their hands off of one another. It was no surprise they had a new baby.

Considering the baby was only three days old, chances were Vaughn wouldn't be at the office. He breathed a sigh of relief and looked ahead.

A smile crossed his face seeing Kyle catching a snooze on his desk.

A perfect time to have some fun, he pulled out his cell and thought to turn on the alarm full blast. Then again, that would be cruel. The man had a newborn at home.

"Oh, why not," he said, walked up to his chair, put the cell phone over Kyle's ear and let it sound off.

Kyle's upper body shot up in his chair and his arms flailed in the air. Perfect, oh so perfect. Chase laughed so hard he had to brace himself from falling over.

Placing both his palms on the desk he dipped his head and enjoyed the humor.

Waking up, Kyle glared at Chase and shook his head. "You piece of crap."

"I couldn't...I couldn't...help..." Laughter controlled his speech. "Oh God, your face!" he screamed. "Oh, man. Your face." Pointing at Kyle, he laughed even harder.

Kyle stuck out his lips. The brothers had only known each other twenty months and learned that as cool and calm as Chase could be, he was also a prankster. He loved to laugh.

And right now, Kyle would love to sleep. Not getting any, he let Chase have his fun and he lifted a bright orange folder off his desk, pointing it at his brother, he warned, "One day, Chase.

One day, your child is going to keep you up all night screaming and then I'm gonna set my alarm off in your ear. Just wait."

Wiping the happy water from his eyes with a tissue, Chase pulled a chair from the table and sat before Kyle's desk. He thought about that -- having a baby. Maybe it would happen.

He did a considerable amount of thinking about Monica since he ran into her on Sunday. It was already apparent how much she loved children.

He remarked, "I look forward to it."

Hope, was that hope Kyle heard? "You met someone?" He sat the folder down. "Who?"

Nerves sat in. Chase stood up, then sat on the corner of Kyle's desk. "Monica. We bumped into each other last night. She's a pediatric nurse. Loves kids."

Kyle recalled Monica Mason worked in their children's church ministry. He liked her. "Invite her to the house sometime." He hit Chase's arm with the back of his hand.

"Hey, this Sunday, at Sophia's welcome home party."

Chase didn't say a word. He'd let his brother sweat a little. Sliding off the desk, he walked over to the window, bent down and retrieved a soda from the mini fridge.

"Chase, ask her over," Kyle repeated.

"You'd like that." He popped the top and took a long swig, added, "Maybe I like being single. I get to sleep at night. You don't see drool on my desk.

" He lifted the can and pointed at the wet spot on Kyle's desk.

Slightly embarrassed, Kyle tugged a tissue from behind him and cleaned his desk. Without looking up, he pointed out, "You sleep alone.

You know I love nights I don't get to sleep because my wife keeps me occupied."

"Yeah, yeah." Chase drank again.

"Yeah. Look, if not Monica, then find someone else. But you ain't even looking."

Laughing Chase said, "See you're wrong. I already invited Monica and she said yes. Besides, she wants to thank you and Michael for agreeing to build her Christmas structure at the hospital."

Kyle blinked, he almost forgot about that then remembered the text he received from Chase a couple days ago. "That's good."

"I don't know." Chase finished his drink, stared into thin air.

"No vibes?"

"She's fine and all. I just don't know."

"What don't you know?"

"If I knew, then I'd know."

"Well, if you like her, keep seeing her and find out."

"I plan on it."

Chase headed for the door. Kyle called after him. "Why did you come in here?"

"To let you know you would have one more on Sunday." His hand touched the knob, but he didn't turn it. Instead, he turned back.

"Chase you don't have to ask permission to bring a guest."

He held his tongue a minute, realized he needed to say more. Finally, he said, "When I said, I don't know what it is about Monica, you didn't say I was still holding a torch for Vaughn.

I appreciate that."

Looking over at his brother, Kyle said, "Since everything went down, you never disrespected me or my wife again. I told you, I forgave you. We all want you to find a good wife.

There's nothing wrong with a man feeling lonely."

"I didn't say I was." Chase shrugged. "Having a woman in my life is no challenge for me."

That was true. Kyle nodded. In reality, even as a married man, he could have his pick as well. Neither man cared about casual relationships.

"You don't just want someone, you want the one," Kyle declared.

Chase nodded. He never had the love and kindness his brothers shared with their mates. Could Monica give him that? In time he hoped to find out.

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