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It's a real phenomena. And I hope you surley like this small story. And please help everyone.
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One day I bunk the my class and goes for cheers wit friend on railway track . After some time we feel hungry then we all go to nearby vendors for eat something.

W e ordered our choices and continue on enjoying it,after some time a small boy comes near to me and argued to eat my pickings food. First I refuse him but he don't goes and continue to beg me.

Then I think and told him to "I will give you new food why you want to eat me pickings food." He replied me "no please give me your food.

" When I forced him then he also say no I don't want new food. At this instant I can't able to understand. But when I give him mine pickling food.

He gulp down it's very fastly,says thanks to me and he runs fastly from me. When I went to my home I just think on it. After some time I realaise that "why he refuses me to for new food.

" Because almost people refuses and move out from this place. This is an excuse which is too much common and he thinks I will also applied on him .But I can't think over it.

Then I realaise the mindset of poverty. Whats they think for we.

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