《The Trap》 Choi Soobin One-Shot
《The Trap》 Choi Soobin One-Shot choisoobin stories

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Choi Soobin One-Shot

《The Trap》 Choi Soobin One-Shot

"Look who fell into my trap again!" The girl laughed excitedly, knowing she had him this time.

"Well if it isn't my favorite police lady. Why are you so obsessed with me? Do you love me Y/N?" The boy cocked his head and smiled.

"Haha. You wish I did. Because when I'm done you'll be begging me to stop." "Well if it were the other way around you'd be begging for more." Choi Soobin smirked as the girl turned cherry red.

"You're forgetting that I am an officer. I've been on your case for so long. I will get you." "Not today though." Soobin's eyes turned a deadly shade as he easily broke free. The officer backed up until her back hit the wall of the abandoned building.

"Where are you going? Thought today was the big day. Gonna catch me and take me in." He put his hands on the wall, trapping her between his arms. "You're no fun." Soobin grabbed her hands and tied them behind her back in a swift motion.

"I'd offer you a spot in my gang, but you're too weak for my taste. Not saying I wouldn't taste you." He started walking away as the girl felt disgusted by his erotic words.

"You bitch. Go to hell." She spat at him. "Oh, Y/N." Soobin said in a taunting voice. "I am hell."

And with that, the murderer walked freely into the night, feeling cheerful from his encounter with a certain police officer.

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