CHALLENGE OF EMOTIONS: Love vs. Fear vs. Anger
CHALLENGE OF EMOTIONS: Love vs. Fear vs. Anger beautiful stories

adamcerny Social Media Guru + Performer
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Emotions seem to rule us all. Or DO they? Let's find out. Here are the results of the epic CHALLENGE between Love + Anger + Fear.
-Adam xoxo

CHALLENGE OF EMOTIONS: Love vs. Fear vs. Anger

by adamcerny

3rd Place: ANGER

Emotion: ANGER Campaign speech: I am the emotion FEAR "on speed". I lack LOVE. I am the OPPOSITE of love. I am the ABSENCE of love. I am created by FEAR. Quote: "I hate being fat."

2nd Place: FEAR (sadness)

Emotion: FEAR (sadness) Campaign speech: I am not connected to source. I am connected to external forces beyond my control. I am the absence of love. Quote: "Everyone thinks I'm fat. I'm sad."

1st Place: LOVE (source, YOU, Guardian Angel(s))

Emotion: LOVE (source, YOU, Guardian Angels(s)) Campaign Speech: I am LOVE. I am the ONLY THING that is REAL. I am YOU. YOU are me. YOU are LOVE. Quote: "I love being fat. I AM LOVE."

CONCLUSION: You are the CREATOR of your WORLD.

If you are LOVE, which is the only TRUTH, then go forth and conquer YOURSELF with LOVE. Let Me See Those Beautiful Eyes Full of Hope ❤️🕉💝☮️ -Adam xoxo 12-3-16

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