Macclesfield Town FC
Macclesfield Town FC poem stories
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adambennell Community member
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A poem lamenting the demise of Maccelfield Town football club, and how many other football clubs are at risk of the same fate, to the detriment of their communities.

Macclesfield Town FC

They killed the football club yesterday,

Threw it on the fire

And looked away.

Like it had never happened.

Like it wasn't 146 years.

Like it had all meant nothing.

Are we nothing but the toys of millionaires,

Who play games with our game?

It's grim up north they say

As if it's just a word

As if it's not all intended

As if it couldn't happen down here.

Empty streets that have had the happiness of their former years stolen,

Empty people this system has left to be broken.

The beautiful game never looked so ugly

As in the empty grounds, where people used to sing about the town.

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