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Vibrations. Buildings. Destruction. Chaos. Darkness. Death. Those were all she remembered from her most recent dreams. They were scary, but weren’t exactly nightmares. Not to 14-year-old Zaya Killian at least. She wasn’t afraid of anything. She feared nothing, but… what hid in the shadows.



The year 2045. The world was dying. People were killed. Most disappeared. When things seemed lost, warriors rose to save them all. Ivors. Their jobs were dangerous.

They could not expose who they were. Not to family, or even the most trusted allies. They had one thing to do. Kill ShadeRavens. The evilest souls that had ever lived.

Ivors all had their parts, and they did them well, but one Xeno/Morpher, a shapeshifter, stood taller than all. Her name was Sasha Killian.

She had made history by destroying one of the ShadeRaven's bases and killing one of their head leaders.

She and her team had been caught sneaking around the base, except one teammate, Elisai, a SoothSayer. She had managed to rescue them, but that was it.

After they were free, Sasha wrecked the lives of Shades forever. She became the face of Krayne City.

Along with Xenos, were TeleCanios and SoothSayers. TeleCanios controlled solids of different levels, while SoothSayers could read the feelings and expressions of others quite well.

All of them, in general, were called the Ivors.

Right after the birth of Sasha's daughter, she wanted to lead a normal life, but she knew it was impossible. Becoming one meant staying one.

The night came when it all ended. The biggest battle to ever take place in history. On her daughter's birthday, when she had become 5. Sasha had taken her to the academy.

Somehow she knew her daughter would be a warrior.

When the sun went down, that day, she told her daughter "Mistakes are part of failure, failure is part of the struggle. But those are what make warriors, true heroes.

" She didn't know then, but those were the very last words she would ever say again.


Vibrations. Buildings. Destruction. Chaos. Darkness. Death. Those were all she remembered from her most recent dreams. They were scary, but weren't exactly nightmares.

Not to 14-year-old Zaya Killian at least. She wasn't afraid of anything. She feared nothing, but... what hid in the shadows.

The year 2054. She was running. Chasing a Slayther. Slaythers were hideous creatures-- part wolf, part dragon. They were fast, strong, agile, and true killers.

Perfect for evil villains to weaponize. They were created by ShadeRavens. Shadows made from the fear of humans. Both young and old.

The darkest, most evil ShadeRaven leader of all time, Valdis, was in charge of all ShadeRavens, who had invaded the world 7 years ago.

ShadeRavens destroyed Ivors, the ones who protect the earth and everything else. Shades were evil souls, lurking shadows, hunting Ivors. Their goal was to kill them all till extinction.

They ran through the brisk air. In the dark streets of Krayne city.

The city was nothing anyone could imagine. The skyscrapers were quite massive for such a small metropolis. Every window, lit in blue and green lights.

The rivers that flowed around the borders glowed in a slight shade of orange from the refraction of light the sun produced. The sky was always a nice blue, and sometimes red.

There were only four main cities left in the world ever since the big battle. Krayne was one of them. The rest were Fox Tie, Medal, and Trace.

Most of the survivors lived in these cities. Their homes were left in ruins. Buried in the dust.

Rain fell from above, creating yellow, green and blue reflections all over the street roads.

Zaya and Jaxon were partners in Hunt Academy. The academy trained Xenos, SoothSayers, and TeleCanios to the best of their abilities. All students were to start training at age nine.

Jaxon turned 15, two months ago. A bit older than Zaya, but still, they made a great team --more or less.

"Go the other way, Zaya!" commanded Jaxon. "Then he'll be trapped!"

"On it," Zaya caught her breath, as she ran around a building. Soon, Zaya was in front of the Slayther. Weapons ready.

She leaped off a crate and slashed her poisonous sword at it. It dodged, she missed. Jaxon then caught up to the Slayther and stabbed his spear into its back.

The ShadeRaven screeched and morphed into a shadow. Then disappeared.

"Woohoo! Another one defeated. I think we're doing a great job protecting this city if I do say so myself." Jaxon exclaimed. "Our work here is done."

Just as they were turning to leave, two more Slaythers jumped out of the shadow of a nearby building and attacked Zaya and Jaxon.

Zaya's sharp senses alerted her reflexes, forcing her to turn around, swiping her sword at the Slayther. As she cut one of them in the stomach, it yelped and fell to the ground in pain.

Zaya finished it off as she drew her sword through the Slayther's body.

"Hah! Take that you, uh... Scaly Thing?"

She looked at Jaxon and realized the other Slayther was on top of him, trying to bite and scratch him. Jaxon was defending himself. He had changed into a dog, maybe a desperate act of panic.

Dog-Jaxon couldn't get up with the Slayther holding him down.

Zaya dashed over, gashing the Slayther with her sword, careful not to touch Dog-Jax. She could tell that the Slayther was truly hurt, but kept attacking him.

Dealing with these creatures, Zaya was taught no mercy. She kept fighting and with a few more scratches, it soon grew weak.

Jaxon, who had turned back to a human, got a hold of the Slayther and thrusted his spear, aiming for its head. Success.

He got up and dusted himself off.

"Well, another mission successful," said Jaxon.

"Yeah, we make a pretty good team."

Through the darkness, she could see Jaxon's neat brown hair, brown eyes, and a

humorous smile. Zaya, however, had dirty blonde hair. Streaks of red and brown. Her eyes were gray and constantly looked alert. Her humor, however, was lacking. They headed back to the academy.

It was silent. She got herself to think of something else--her dreams. They were strange to her. Random, but yet, she understood. They all meant something was coming.

They were sent, as warnings. She didn't like it. If she didn't listen to her dreams and heeded its warnings, they would all be in greater danger.

To Be Continued . . .

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