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A/N: lol hi again um this isnt my original idea i saw it somewhere but i cant remember where so im making the story up as i go lol also im using grammarly to help me write with my spelling and grammar lmao. my authors notes will almost never have grammar or punctuation or anything of that sort in them but the summaries and the stories will.

Stucky Oneshots

A/N: lol hi again um this isnt my original idea i saw it somewhere but i cant remember where so im making the story up as i go lol also im using grammarly to help me write with my spelling

and grammar lmao. my authors notes will almost never have grammar or punctuation or anything of that sort in them but the summaries and the stories will.

but i dont think this is my original idea so if this is yours and your just so happening to be reading this let me know in the comments and ill re-edit this and ill tag you and give you creds.

um yeah but if this is yours just know im not going to take any of these down cause im proud of all my work and i want people to see it.


WORD COUNT: 1,665 (without A/N and other stuff, 1,858 with a/n and accountments)

Summary: After being brought to the Avengers Tower, Bucky finds out he needs to have physical contact with someone in order to calm down after a panic attack.


Bucky needs to have physical contact with someone. Not like sex or anything but just snuggling up to someone.

He doesn't say anything about it the first few months because he figured nobody would allow him to as that would be weird considering he used to be a literal assassin.

The Avengers always sit down every Monday and Friday to have, what they like to call, Family Bonding Time.

All it is really is just all of the Avengers sitting in the mini cinema and watching a movie. They'll all vote on a movie and the one with the most vote wins.

Steve is always the last one to show up. He either forgot to look at the time while running or working out or he was too busy painting and/or drawing to realize the time.

That never bothered anybody though. He still showed up and that's what mattered to them. Anyway, a few months go by and Buckys itching to hug someone.

He thought Natasha might let him hug her but he didn't want to make things awkward so he never asked.

That was, until one day before movie night he saw Natasha standing in the kitchen waiting for something.

He slowly and quietly walked up to her hoping he could get a quick hug but she noticed him before he could get to her.

"What are you doing, Barnes?" She asked him

"I- Well I- " He stuttered

"Spit it out"

"Okay fine. I need a hug or something" He said embarrassed he even had to think about asking someone.


"I need contact, Natasha, like physical contact-" he paused looking at her to see her reaction, it took a few minutes before he realized what she was thinking, "No!

What the hell, not like that goddamnit. I just need to- I don't know forget about it it's stupid" He turned to walk away from her before he stopped him again.

'She's gonna yell or tease me about this, she's gonna yell or tease me about this, keep going don't turn back' he thought to himself but ended up turning back to her anyways.

"Come here, oldie," She said softly understanding what he needed, "if you ever need anything you know you can come to me, right?"

"That's why I'm here, Nat" He smiled putting his head in the crook of her neck and his arms around her waist.

He promised himself that this was the only time he was going to do anything like this. But my god was he wrong, it turned into a normal thing.

Every time they had their Family Bonding Time, Bucky would snuggle right up to whoever the first person sitting was. Eventually, he had cuddled with everybody but Steve.

The only person who knows the reason behind this was Bucky.

Steve was hurt, to say the least, I mean they've known each other since they were kids, and now Bucky's completely avoiding him? It was hurtful if that's even the correct word for it.

A month goes by of Bucky cuddling with everybody but Steve and he's had enough.

Buckys his best friend and he's not going to act like anything going on because something is going on and Steve will find out what it is.

After watching Star Wars: A New Hope, everybody said their goodnights and had gone to bed. Steve and Bucky were the last ones to get up.

Just as Bucky was getting up and putting his cup, which previously had water in it, in the sink and started to walk away Steve called him.

"Bucky, wait," Steve started "look I don't want to be a bitch or anything but how come you snuggle and cuddle up to everybody but me?

I mean you even get all snuggly with Tony Stark a guy who hardly lets his girlfriend touch him. I just want to know what's wrong with me.

We've been best buds for years now and I don't want that to end."

Bucky sighed as he looked at Steve, did he really want to tell his best friend that he had a crush on him? Risk losing his entire friendship over a crush?

To Bucky, that was a really big risk he was about to take but Steve needed to know the truth or Bucky could lose him that way too.

"Look Steve," Bucky paused, was he really going to do this, "the reason I haven't gone to you is that we've known each other for seventy years and I somehow managed to develop a crush on you.

And it's not just because of the goddamn serum, hell, I've loved you even when you the scrawny little bitch from Brooklyn.

And I know, you're straight so there's no chance, but if I had gone to you there's no way in fucking hell I'd let go of you,

there's no way I would've been able to lay or sit there with you and not kiss you until your fucking face is red and your lips are swollen. So that, that is why Steve.

" Bucky finished his rant seeming a little upset or annoyed because he let himself get into this position.

He didn't realize he was crying until Steve came up to him and wiped his tears from his face.

"Seriously? That's why? Goddamnit, Bucky, I've fucking loved you since you came and told me you were being deployed.

Hell, I probably loved you sooner than that but never realized it because I was too busy getting my ass beat in fights.

Buck, I love you so goddamn much it hurts, it hurt because you never came to me during movie night but you always went to everybody else."

They just stared at each other after that. They stood there for like four or five minutes just staring. But then their staring contest was ruined by Steve fucking laughing his goddam head off.

Son of a bitch ruined the moment.

"What the hell are you laughing at, it's not fucking funny." Bucky started staring at Steve like he had gone crazy.

"I-" *wheeze* "I'm sorry, it's just thAt," *wheeze* "we've both loved each other all this time-" *wheeze* "and you- you wouldn't even lay with me because you were too damn scared to!

Oh shit, I think I'm gonna pass out from laughing. Oh, fuck."

"I'm not fucking catching you"

It was several minutes before Steve had finally calmed down, Bucky just stared at him like he was going to punch him if he said one more stupid comment.

"Okay so, we've both just confessed our love for each other-" Steve started before Bucky cut him off

"We didn't confess anything"

"Yes, we did, you literally said you've loved me since I was a sick kid from Brooklyn. Then, I told you that I've loved you since I don't even know how long.

So if that's not confessing love then I don't know what is."

Just as Steve had said all that, Tony walked in. Great timing, Tony, real great.

"Who loves who?" Tony asked laughing a little bit

"Nobody," Bucky said annoyed that Tony had to walk in during this.

"You do know that you guys were yelling so almost everybody on this floor, the one below us, and the one above us heard you right?"

Bucky was getting ready to fucking scream.

"Okay, so um that's that then. Just don't make this weird, Tony.

And Bucky what are we gonna do? Do you not want to be friends anymore?

I really hope that's not the case, I can completely forget about all of this if you want me to and I won't come to movie nights anymore. Or we can try dating? It's all up to you."

"I think you guys should date, not fuck though, nobody needs to hear two one-hundred-year-old super soldiers doing that, personally."

"Tony, shut the fuck up will you?" Bucky almost yelled

"Jeez, someones up past their bedtime," Tony said as we walked out of the room.

"So, it's your pick, I want you to be my boyfriend and I want to be yours.

I want to be able to call you mine whenever I want, I want to be able to kiss you in the streets when it's raining, I want to do all of it and I want to do it all with you, Buck.

" Steve said hoping he didn't take it too far. But it was the truth, Steve wanted all of it and he wanted it all with Bucky.


"Yes? Yes what, Bucky, you gotta be more specific"

"Yes, I want to be your boyfriend, Steve"

"Holy shit, seriously?

Okay, um Im glad we figured things out and I don't want things to be awkward now, I want everything to continue as normal except you also lay with me during movie nights and we kiss, hug,

and do everything a couple would."


A few days later, the Avengers have another movie night and, like always Steve was late but that was okay because Bucky was with him.

Steve laid down on an empty part of the couch with Bucky in between is legs, all the Avengers ignored it like it was a normal thing, except for Clint.

The partially deaf man just had to say something about the new couple in the room.

"Jarvis, pause the movie," Clint started,

"so are we going to ignore the fact that the worlds greatest assassin and Americas representative are cuddling together like this has been going on for years?"

"Yeah" They literally all said at the same time like it was nothing.

After that Bucky still went to the others, but he went to Steve the most.

Bucky moved out of his separate room in the Tower and moved into Steves room where they shared a bedroom, a closet, and a bathroom.

It went on for several years and they eventually got married, they never adopted any kids though, they talked about it but decided children just weren't for them.


Originally published on May 1st 2021 at 9:52 PM

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