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Abraham as the author of Mermaid's New World got the ideas from creating a sentence for a picture of a Netflix series called Siren and from his interest of mythical creatures that he has seen on several movies like Harry Potter, Narnia, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Furthermore, he got the inspiration to make my story when he watched the Siren series. While watching the Siren series, he has the idea to make this mythical creature really cruel, blood thirsty, and cannot be friend with human in his story. The reason he choose to make the mythical creature that way is because I think when it comes to real life, mythical creature like mermaid and humans will not get along since mermaids are very dangerous and humans are very sceptical about mythical creatures, also they think that these creatures does not exist.

King Cubo, rules the kingdom of Nereus after his father, The Great Synanceia. In the depth of Aegean Sea, Cubo planned his plan to invade human's land to fulfil his father's dream. One day, Cubo and legions of mermaid come out of the water, flooding human's land, slaughter and making humans as a slave and offering to their god and goddess. For a half of century, in the depth of Persephone Foloi oak forest, the kingdom of King Cubo was crowned with peace. But, not until his princess Ceratio seduces Prince Albus from Lycan's kingdom, starting a fire for both kingdoms. The war was bloodthirsty and dark. Sadly, Cubo's sidekick died at war. Soon, Cubo realizes that war will not solve anything, and he asks for negotiation with Lycaon. As easy as flipping the palm of a hand, Lycaon agreed, and the both kingdoms live side by side like brothers.

Source: Abraham F A Abimanyu

Mermaid's New World

by Abraham F A Abimanyu

Chapter 1

"Beautiful isn't it, my wife?" said Synanceia with deep voice. "I believe this is all because of your love for this kingdom, my love, and I do proud of you!" said Hapalo.

For a long time, the kingdom of Nereus lives prosperously and peacefully. All merman and mermaid are living their selcouth life.

Yet, it always has been nerves-racking for Synanceia and Hapalo who desired a boy that is soon going to replace Synanceia to rule the kingdom since a long time ago.

"For a long time, I have always wanted a son, Hapalo. But, every time we try it always a girl. I can't stop stressing about this!" said Synanceia.

"Calm down my king, we will get a boy! Now, let me rest for a while." said Hapalo with her calming tone. Several years later, Hapalo laid her egg and hatched a son of Synanceia.

They named the boy with the name of the deadliest creature in the whole ocean, Cubo. "Oh my son, I have been waiting for you all of my life!" said Synanceia while crying on a bended knee.

I was greatly raised by my parents. I becomes so reckless and such a brain box boy. Since I was a young boy, I was well-trained by my father for battle.

I was having a whale of time playing with swords and tridents. "Look father! I could throw this trident and landed perfectly in the middle! No one can stop me, father!" said little Cubo.

No one could stop him from doing things that he loves. As the years passes by, Cubo grows into a stunning merman, and become all mermaids' favourite. No one could resist his beauty.

But behind his enchanting appearance, there is hidden his fiendish figure. He would not tolerate anyone who is blocking his way to do something.

~To be continued~

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